Syd’s Shadow (formerly Weebay)

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This is Syd’s Shadow (Syd), who was known as Weebay when he and Sid Zacharias were the People’s Choice and Co-Reserve Champions in the 2008 MHARF Trainers Challenge.  Syd was rescued as part of a starving herd in Pine County when he was seven months old.  I first met him when he was a two-year-old who was fostered over the summer by friends of mine.  I fell in love back then with his goofy, playful personality–I am so lucky that he is now my horse!  Syd lives with his horse buddies at a small boarding farm with horse trails in the back of the property and across the road in a regional park. He is the most cheerful horse that you could imagine and is firmly convinced that everybody is his friend!

Syd is so curious and smart, with a big heart and lots of “try.”  He LOVES to learn new things, play games on and off line, and explore new places.  Syd means the world to me, and I do everything I can to give him the best life possible!  There aren’t enough words to thank everyone who has helped him survive his rough start and become the wonderful horse that he is now.  But I will always be grateful to MHARF (Drew, Karen, and everyone else who played a part in helping him), the staff at the U of MN Equine Center, Sid Zacharias and the rest of the Zacharias family, Kem and Karla, John and Kelly, Robbin, and all the other people who helped Syd and me find each other! –Janet (all photos credited to Thou Yang)

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