Pablo is a sorrel pony-sized mustang who came in from a South Dakota humane case (from the International Society for the Protection of Mustangs and Burros). He was relatively unhandled at intake but is now halter broke and very friendly. Pablo is pony-sized and was foaled in approximately 2012. We aren’t certain if he is really a White Sands mustang and is small because of malnourishment throughout his younger years or if he is a pony who somehow ended up with the mustangs at ISPMB. We just received notification that his bloodwork came back positive for testosterone–meaning he is a cryptorchid stallion and will require surgery to remove his undescended testicles.  He will have that surgery before he is made available for adoption.  At this point he doesn’t show any stud behaviors. Pablo is relatively easy to handle in most situations. However, if he decides he doesn’t trust something he will launch himself into the air. Because of this we want to make sure Pablo has a knowledgeable adult handler. He has the potential to be a good kid’s pony in the future because he is calm and friendly–but he will definitely will need a lot of handling and training first.pablo-with-scott