Pablo (Graduate of the 2018 Promise of the Future competition)

Pablo is a sorrel mustang who came in from a South Dakota humane case (among the 907 horses seized from the International Society for the Protection of Mustangs and Burros). Click Here to read more about their intake. He was relatively unhandled at intake but is now halter broke and very friendly. Pablo was foaled in approximately 2015. He had been growing slowly likely due to malnourishment throughout his younger years but he seems determined now to catch up! He did not have testicles at intake but he did show some stud behavior so we sent bloodwork in to check for testosterone which would mean he was a cryptorchid stallion. The bloodwork came back positive so he did require surgery to remove his undescended testicles in 2017.  Pablo is now a really nice gelding with a very good temperament. He spent the summer of 2018 in training with JoEllen Kimmel for our 2018 Promise of the Future Training Competition for Young Horses.  (Please note: the POF competition is for horses who are 3 or younger and not yet ready to start under saddle. It is an in-hand only competition). On September 22, 2018, he and JoEllen successfully competed in the POF and brought home Third Overall High Point! You can follow Pablo and JoEllen’s training journey throughout the summer on Pablo’s Facebook Page!