DeNiro is a chestnut Arabian gelding from a recent December 2017 case. We believe he was a herd sire for many years and was gelded recently.  DeNiro is not broke to ride and we had originally placed him in our 2018 Trainer’s Challenge of the Unwanted Horse. However, after discussion with his trainer, we have decided to pull him out of the Challenge. DeNiro has some serious ongoing trust issues due to past mishandling. It also appears he may have been handled with very conflicting training methods, causing confusion. He wants to be friendly and to trust people but he needs to go much more slowly than the time-period allowed for the Challenge competition training. Removing him from the competition is in his best interest. His is available for adoption and we are looking for a home for him where he will get the experienced and kind handling and training he needs. We do feel that he will probably bond very strongly with someone who is willing to give him that chance.