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Tomato is a chestnut mini mare who came to MHARF from a November 2018 humane case. She is approximately in her late teens and 36″ tall. She is still extremely shy and her foster home is getting her used to being handled. We will have more info soon.

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Salsa is a pinto mini mare who came to MHARF in a November humane case. She has had very little handling in her past and was not halter broke at intake time. She is learning to trust and is coming along well. Salsa is 34.5″ inches tall and approximately 6 years old.

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Fiona is a B-Size mini mare who was foaled in 2013. She originally came to MHARF in a 2015 humane case.  As a yearling she had been tied with a makeshift halter made of baling twine and tied to a post. As she grew, the twine became tighter and tighter, eventually burrowing into her skin and becoming infected.  Luckily, she was eventually able to break away from the post she was tied to and escape the property.

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