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5 years ago I adopted a quarter horse gelding named Martin from you and tonight he made me so proud! We’ve got a training harness for sale and I decided to put it on Martin for good pictures and he took it like a champ! None of it phased him! He is definitely a diamond in the rough!

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Rest in Peace, Ali Bayzar

ali bayzar update

I write this with an extremely heavy heart. Ali Bayzar, 22, was laid to rest March 5th, 2016. His heart was failing and he was tired. I kissed him goodbye as I held his muzzle in my arms. A piece of me went with him in that moment. I had a bond with Ali that can never be replaced. He taught me so much about myself and life. He was a true ambassador for rescues and for the Arabian breed.

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Essential Party

Here is an update we just received on Essential Party. Thank you Mary!!!

Essential party

“My husband and I adopted Essential Party (EP) in 2010 as a three year old from MHARF. EP is an OTTB that raced three times, was injured and unable to continue his race career. This was our first experience with a rescue horse, let alone a Thoroughbred! My husband (an amateur) spent several months
working him from the ground…

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Keno’s Story

This is a story we received form Katlyn, Keno’s adopter. Keno originally came to MHARF as part of an abandoned herd of horses from a failed breeding program. He was originally going to be in our Trainers’ Challenge the following year but was pulled because of an ongoing lameness issue that had been diagnosed as a stifle injury. Katlyn took an interest in him and decided to foster him for us and see what developed.

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Lulu inducted into the USEF/EQUUS Horse Stars Hall of Fame


Six years ago in February, I was standing under a heat lamp in a stall, holding onto Lulu’s hind leg for all I was worth as she tried to kick it out of my hand. I was determined to teach her to pick up her hind legs, and she was equally determined that I was not going to touch them. Four years ago, we were sledding across a pasture together. Two years ago we were eagerly waiting for our debut in t…he breed show circuit.

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