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Sheba update! She has settled in and we’ve been loving on her and doing groundwork. She had her first ride with us last night and never flicked an ear. She’s gonna be a great trail buddy! And well gaited too! Thanks! -Megan B.

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Grace (fka Blackbird)

Grace (fka Blackbird)

I adopted Grace (formally known as “Blackbird”) last month and am falling more and more in love with her each day! Here is a photo of her eighth ride and only second time on trail! Grace went fabulously bareback and in a rope halter and didn’t take one misstep the whole 1.5 hour ride! She’s a total rock star and I’m so incredibly lucky to have her!! Anna Hill

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Jet and Archer

jet and archerIt’s been 2 years since we adopted Jet and Archer. Wanted to let you know the boys are very spoiled and well loved. Thanks for having the confidence in me to take on the responsibility of these two. The more I am around them, the more I realize they are teaching me a great deal. As you can see they love their carrots!!!!!! –Marca

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