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Serenity (formerly IRS), an older QH mare, adopted from MHARF Sept 2011, from LF case. My pride and joy for 9 months before she passed away. Don’t let age or condition stop you from adopting, you may be giving a deserving animal something they may have never known before-safety, shelter, good nutrition and care, and most of all, unconditional love. Some outcomes cannot be predicted, but let that never stop us from loving these wonderful creatures.

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Silly Jeri, that’s my blind pony, not your Mama!! This is my friend’s female (spayed) kitten Jeri, who seems rather…uhm…attached to my lil mini mare Peachblossom. 😛 Adopted Peachblossom (named her after one of my favorite book character’s warhorse) 1/22/2011 … (Butterscotch Swirl I think is what her name was?) Thank you SO MUCH for all that you and the group do!! Without you guys I never would have found my lil warpony!!  » Read more about: Peachblossom  »



I would just like to send a thank you for my “boyfriend” I adopted 5 1/2 years ago!!! Cheval is dong fantastic and is my DEAR boy… I’ve taught him to give kisses on command, shake, and am working (safely) on teaching him to bow… Josh Lyons DVD and experience and love… we’ll have it by summer! He’s so smart and loving…just a big dog really 🙂 Of course,

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