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“Vickie and Naalon have been riding around my farm for 8 years now every Monday just like clockwork. Over the years, I have learned their story and today I asked Vickie if I could share it with other people. Being the kind and cordial person that she is, she said I could. Naalon was rescued by MHARF more than 15 years ago from a stall that was several feet deep in manure.

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Archer has come along way since we adopted him! Today I was finally able to sit on his back and walk him around for the first time since owning him. It took a lot of time to get here but he’s developing into quite the horse. I’m so happy that I can call him my own!  -Bill T.

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Tori is Enjoying Life!


Just wanted to say Hi and Thank you!!! This week was Tori’s 2nd Gotcha Day with me and we’re loving every minute together. Dental exams suggest that she’s about 30 this year, so she’s been allowed to retire as a pretty pasture ornament. But my gelding and I are so thankful for her health, companionship and love. Thanks again Drew and team!!

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