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Annie Update

annie update

Annie is turning into such a wonderful horse! Yesterday, for the first time, we rode up in the mountains behind the LaCense ranch where she bucked me off last fall. She loves being out in the open, climbing mountains, and crawling over rocks. She is a completely different horse than she was in June when we put the first ride on her. She comes right up to me when I call her to look for some loves.

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Fareed (aka Zameel)

fareed and beth

Thought I’d share a pic of myself and Zameel (formerly known as Fareed, but he was/always will be Zameel to me.) I formed such a strong bond with him back in 2010, as we prepared for the Challenge, and always felt like he was one of my soul-horses. After 5 years apart, w…e were able to pick up right where we’d left off…like re-connecting with an old friend. We understand each other so well,

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5 years ago I adopted a quarter horse gelding named Martin from you and tonight he made me so proud! We’ve got a training harness for sale and I decided to put it on Martin for good pictures and he took it like a champ! None of it phased him! He is definitely a diamond in the rough!

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