Bug (update 10/24/17 Bug has been adopted!)

2015 Trainer’s Challenge

Bug is a very nice 2010 14.2hh cream red dun Spanish Mustang mare who originally came to MHARF as an orphaned foal. She competed in our 2015 Trainer’s Challenge, winning Third Overall High Point and People’s Choice with trainer Maddie Kanda. She was then adopted and has been in consistent training since that time. However, Bug’s rider has now outgrown her so Bug is back at MHARF and is available for adoption to a new home. This is a very special little mare with a lot of training, clinic experience, and show experience (eventing). She is looking for a home where she can be someone’s special horse. She needs a youth or small adult rider with soft hands who knows the cues with which she has been trained.

Little John (fka Diego)(Update: Adopted!)

Little John (who was known as Diego when he originally came to MHARF a few years ago) is a 16.3hh Clydesdale cross gelding who was foaled in 1996. He had been adopted but was recently returned because his adopter could no longer keep him. He is broke to ride and is currently undergoing a training assessment with Jeremy Kaiserlik. We will have an update soon!


Kazar (update: Kazar has been adopted!)

Kazar is a sweet grey 2000 National Showhorse gelding who was surrendered to MHARF because of a wound that would not heal. He has been receiving treatment for this wound and is now healing up nicely. He will be available for adoption once we are certain he has healed completely and there will be no reoccurrence.

Twizzler (Update: Twizzler has been adopted!)

Twizzler is a 14.2hh 2005 pinto gelding who originally came to MHARF several years ago in a humane case. He was adopted out but is now looking for a new home because his current rider has grown and needs a taller horse. Twizzler (formerly known as Ian) is a very nice horse and would be suitable for a confident advanced beginner on up. He has some dressage experience and has done well. He has also done some jumping but does not seem to enjoy it. He is probably happiest on trails. He does get a little “looky” when he encounters things he isn’t familiar with–so he needs a rider who will stay calm.  We aren’t certain of his breeding but our best guess is that he has some Standardbred and also some Arabian.



Lucy (update: Lucy has been adopted!)

This beautiful filly was foaled in April of 2017 and was just a week old when she was transferred to MHARF from Last Chance Corral in Ohio. She had to be bottle fed for several weeks and is now learning to eat on her own. Stay tuned for updates on Lucy! (photo credit: Sydney Jordan)