Gretzki (Update: Gretzki has been adopted!)

Gretski is a 2009 mustang smokey black/ buckskin gelding who stands approximately 14.3 hh.  He originally came to MHARF in a humane case with his mother Ramona. He competed in our 2012  Trainer’s Challenge with trainer Chris Walz. He was adopted by Chris after the Challenge but sadly Chris can no longer keep him because of relocation. He was ridden consistently between 2012 and 2016 but has not been ridden for over a year now. He does have trail experience. Gretzki has never been ridden by anyone but Chris and right now he does require an experienced rider and really needs a person he can bond with.  Chris says he is very smart. Gretski is an “easy keeper” and tends to be on the heavy side–so ideally he should be on a dry lot or restricted diet unless he is getting worked regularly. He has had some issues with heaves in the past and has been on the supplement Lung EQ and that seemed to work well for him. He has also had abscesses in both front feet but has not had an issue with that for over a year.

Siskowit Golden Lady (Lady has been adopted!)

This palomino mare came to us from a late-April 2018 Brown County humane case. DNA testing through the American Morgan Horse Association has shown that she is Siskowit Golden Lady and was foaled in 2000.  Lady spent the summer in our rehabilitation program.  She required extensive dental work due to many years of having no dental care at all. She has been preg-checked and is not in foal. She is well-broke to ride. lady does currently have an adoption pending.  (Thank you to Sydney Jordan Photography for the updated photos in June 2018!)

Charlie: Update: Charlie has been Adopted!

Charlie is Belgian Draft gelding who was foaled in approximately 2005 and stands approximately 17.3hh. He came to MHARF in a May 2018 Brown County humane case. Charlie had been badly neglected and is in need of good nutrition, farrier care, and veterinary care. He is now receiving all three! We will have more info on Charlie soon.




Full of Spice (Spice has been adopted!)

Full of Spice is a 2001 15hh chestnut American Saddlebred mare who originally came to MHARF during a 2011 Pine County humane case. Spice was pregnant at intake and gave birth to her colt Spot in October of 2011. After he was weaned in 2012, Spice competed in the 2012 MHARF Trainer’s Challenge of the Unwanted Horse with trainer George Walker and she is broke to ride.  She was adopted a few years later but is now being returned because her adopter can sadly no longer keep her. Spice did spend 90 days of refresher training at Dart Ranch during the summer of 2017.  Her previous adopter says she is very smart and can be a bit lazy and resistant to move out. She feels Spice gets really bored with arena work and would do great on trails or obstacle work (but she does not have experience with these at this point). She is not spooky or reactive but is not suitable for a beginner because she is super smart and will take advantage.  She has great ground manners and is easy to catch.



Bojangles (Bojangles has been adopted!)

Bojangles is a pony who came in during an April 2018 humane case. He was an extreme case of neglect and in serious need of farrier care. Bojangles was taken into foster care by the Hay Chix ( who are working on rehabbing him. He is well on is way to recovery!