Secoya (Potential Candidate for the 2019 Trainer’s Challenge)

Secoya came to MHARF recently at a request from social services because her elderly owner could no longer care for her. She has some trust issues at this time but she is coming around. She is curious and definitely wants to be friendly.


Lester is a very nice 2009 bay pony mule gelding who stands 12.2hh. He is not broke to ride but he has good ground manners. Lester originally came in during the 2011 “Fillmore 55” humane case. He had major trust issues at intake but thank you to trainer Deb Anderson he is now very friendly and well-behaved!


Raven is a 15.3hh black mare who was foaled in 2002. She is 1/2 Oldenburg, 1/4 Trakehner, and 1/4 Arabian. Raven came to us several years ago in a humane case.  She went into training at that time but she developed some rearing issues under saddle that we now feel were probably due to being rushed in her training. We did then adopt her out as a companion horse but her companion sadly had to be put down recently so she was returned to us. Raven is a very nice mare with a sweet temperament. We felt that we wanted to give her another chance with a trainer who would be slow and patient with her. We sent her to Marirose Berner of MJB Horse Training and she is now going under saddle once again and doing very well! You can follow Raven’s training with Marirose on Raven’s Facebook Page.  Raven is still considered very green broke and is suitable at this time for a very experienced rider/trainer.


Captain is a pony cross (most likely with some draft) who was recently returned to MHARF because his original adopter could not keep him. He is in his late teens and stands 13.2hh. He is broke to ride but it has been many years so he will need to have an assessment before we know what level rider he is suitable for.


Sochi is a 2006 POA (Shetland Pony x Appaloosa) mare who stands approximately 13hh. She originally came to MHARF from a February 2014 Wadena County humane case. Sochi was pregnant at intake and her colt Ivan was born in May of 2014. She was adopted but her adopter now regretfully had to return her. Sochi is broke to ride but she has not been ridden much recently and needs some refresher training. She is also blind in one eye due to an old injury.  We will have more info posted on Sochi when we have her training level assessed!