DJ (Student of the 2018 Promise of the Future Competition)

DJ is a bay grade Arabian gelding who was foaled in early 2017. He came to MHARF in a December 2017 humane case. He was found to have a vitamin e an selenium deficiency, was treated and is doing very well. He was relatively unhandled at intake but he is currently in training for our 2018 Promise of the Future Training Competition with the Wrisky Ranch Team (Renee and Theadora Hendrickson and Brandy and Jaycie Navarro). He will be available for adoption at the event on September 22nd. You can follow DJ’s training on his Facebook Page!



DeNiro is a chestnut Arabian gelding from a recent December 2017 case. We believe he was a herd sire for many years and was gelded recently.  DeNiro is not yet broke to ride but as of July 2018 he is in training with Ralea Casperson of RKC Dressage, LLC. DeNiro had some trust issues due to past mishandling and conflicting training methods, but he is turning into a friendly horse who likes attention!






Faith is a palomino stock-type mare who came to MHARF from a December 2017 case. She came in with her weanling age filly Xena and she was also in foal again. On May 3rd, 2018, she gave birth to a chestnut colt who appeared at first to be healthy. Within 2 hours of birth, it was obvious the colt was not doing as well as he should be, so a vet was called for an examination. Upon veterinary recommendation, mare and foal were taken to Stillwater Equine Veterinary Clinic where he received care for failure to thrive. After 48 hours of fluids, plasma, and antibiotics it was clear that he was not going to make it, so the choice was made to have him humanely euthanized. We gave Faith 8 weeks to recover from this and she is now doing really well. She is well broke to ride but is just a bit rusty and is suitable right now for an intermediate rider but does definitely have potential to be suitable for an advanced beginner with more work. She was foaled around 2006 and stands 15.2hh. Faith does tend to be a dominant mare with other horses.



Flicker is a chestnut grade American Saddlebred colt who was foaled in early 2017 (approximately). He came to MHARF during a December 2017 case.  He was very malnourished at intake and infested with internal parasites and lice. He also had issues with misshapen front feet that are required specialized farrier care and are now coming around very nicely. As you can see from the newer photos (photo credit: Sydney Jordan Photography), Flicker has gained quite a bit of weight and is filling out well. He was gelded on 03/31/18 and it was a cryptorchid castration (undescended testicle) so he required some rehab time. He is now all healed up, healthy and ready to find a new home!