Draco is a 1996 black gelding who stands approximately 15.2hh. We aren’t sure of his breeding but he may have some Morgan in him. He was adopted many years ago but his adopter has now had to return him and he needs a new home! She describes him as a “been there, done that” kind of horse who has mainly been ridden English but does have some western experience. He also has trail experience and is not a horse that tends to be barn sour or buddy sour. She says he is an awesome horse who loves to work. He does tend to be forward and energetic–so better suited to an advance beginner/intermediate rider.


The Big Tee

The Big Tee is a 23 year old registered Quarter Horse gelding. He was originally adopted 10 years ago but now needs to find a new home because his adopter is off to school overseas!  What his previous adopter says about him: “For the past 10 years Tee has been an excellent all around horse.  He has been ridden English and Western, and we suspect he was trained in Western pleasure at some point.  He can be lazy if his rider does not establish authority, so a beginning or timid rider may have trouble getting him to go–but he is perfectly safe for beginners and has taught several kids how to ride over the years.  Because of his age he is best suited for light riding as he does get tired/sore after long trail rides or consecutive rides, but nothing a few days off doesn’t fix.  He has a huge personality and loves doing tricks for treats. ”



Pippin is a 14.1hh blue roan gelding who was foaled in 2000.  We believe he is a quarter horse but really have no info on his breeding. He has been used as a lesson horse and a competition horse. He has dressage and jumping experience. His previous owner describes him as “sassy but safe”. He will test a rider he doesn’t know. He has jumped up to 3′ but is most comfortable at 2′ and under. He can get a little fresh at the canter if he hasn’t been ridden for awhile but is easy at walk/trot. Knows leg yield, shoulders and haunches in, turn on forehand, and turn on haunches. Has been ridden in kimberwicke or regular snaffle. Has only had a western saddle on a couple of times. Has been on a few trail rides but needs advanced rider on trails at this point. Good lesson horse for confident advanced beginner or intermediate rider.  He tends to be a more dominant horse in a group. He will also try to take advantage of a smaller or less experienced handler (trying to grab a bite of grass or walk off in a different direction–nothing dangerous ) but responds well to correction.  Pippin came to us from a good home and has been well taken care of. His previous owner is no longer showing and wanted to give him the best chance at finding a new rider and a forever home!



Arlen (Potential Candidate for the 2018 Promise of the Future Training Competition)


Arlen came to MHARF as a transfer from Last Chance Corral in Ohio. He was foaled in April of 2017 and was only a week old when he came to MHARF and needed to be bottle fed. Arlen is a sweet colt with a great temperament. We aren’t certain of Arden’s breeding but we will keep you posted as he matures!

Arlen is a potential candidate for our 2018 Promise of the Future Training Competition

Laylee (Potential candidate fr the 2018 Promise of the Future competition)

Laylee is a very sweet bay filly came to MHARF through law enforcement in a May 2017 humane case.  She was very thin at intake but has flourished in our rehabilitation program and is now available for adoption. She was foaled in approximately 2015 and is 13.2hh. We don’t have a lot of information about Laylee’s breeding. She is a potential candidate for our 2018 Promise of the Future Training Competition.