Daybreaks Abbey Road

Foaled in 2006, Daybreaks Abbey Road is a very nice chestnut mare who gave birth to a beautiful filly, Penny Lane, on July 20, 2011. Abbey is a registered American Saddlebred mare, who is athletically built and has very pretty ears. Daybreaks Abbey Road is a very pretty dark liver chestnut and came to us from a Pine County humane case. She is very friendly and extremely interested in people. Abbey will hopefully be going back into training soon.


Celeste at Intake

Celeste at Intake

Celeste is a 1997 gray Arabian mare who stands 14.3hh. She has a fantastic temperament and is very friendly. She was extremely thin at intake in January 2015. She has now gained quite a bit of weight back and is enjoying the grass at her foster home! We have determined that Celeste is not broke to ride, and due to some weakness in her hindquarters and her age we probably wouldn’t recommend she go through any under saddle training. We are looking for a home as a companion for this very sweet old mare!



Named in the same fashion as her mother, Wyldfyre, Bonfyre is a mare that was foaled in 2008 while her mother was at the Rescue. Bonfyre had an unfortunate accident that broke her olecranon (point of the elbow). She’s was placed in the capable care of the veterinarians at the U of M who fitted her with a plate so that she was able to grow up big and strong. Because of the plate, Bonfyre will be unable to participate in high-impact sports like jumping and cross-country, but she can be a great riding horse. As you can see she has grown into a beautiful young lady!

Also, this is a great example of why it’s so important to halter-break your young horse as soon as possible. Even though she was in considerable pain from the break, she was an angel to work with thanks to her halter training.