Stormy (Brown County Mare #5)

This chestnut mare (her foster home has named her “Stormy”) came to us from a late-April 2018 Brown County humane case. Her estimated age is late teens to early 20’s She is currently in rehabilitation and is gaining some much needed weight. She has been preg-checked and she is not in foal. We have no certain information on her training level at this time and will not be doing an assessment until she is physically ready. We have reason to believe she is a Morgan and we have applied to the AMHA for a DNA test kit. We will have more info on her soon!

Jiminy Cricket

Jiminy Cricket is a chestnut grade Arabian colt who was foaled on April 29th, 2018. His mother, Della, came to MHARF pregnant during a December 2017 case.  Jiminy Cricket was premature and showed failure to thrive and both mare and foal were admitted to Anoka Equine Veterinary Services so he could receive i.v. fluids and plasma. Bloodwork showed infection so he was also started on antibiotics. Within 48 hours Jiminy Cricket was doing well enough to be released. He needed to stay on stall rest for 30 days. Jiminy is now a healthy, feisty and energetic colt!



Faline is a bayArabian filly who was born on 05/03/18 after her mother Foxy came in pregnant form a December 2017 case. She is a beautiful and healthy filly who will be available for adoption after she is weaned.


Ringo is a grade pinto Saddlebred gelding who came to us from a late March 2018 Kanabec County humane case. He was foaled in approximately 2006. We will have more info on him soon!


Montana is a chestnut grade Saddlebred gelding who was foaled in approximately 2005. He came to us from a late March 2018 Kanabec County humane case. Montana has put on some much needed weight in his foster home but they are still working on getting his hooves in shape due to neglect and also on ground manners. He will not be assessed for under saddle training  or available for adoption until spring of 2019.