Nutmeg is a sorrel grade quarter horse mare who came to MHARF from a December 2017 humane case. She was foaled in approximately 2006. She is in foal and is due in late spring/early summer. We will have more information about her soon.



Walker is a 2002 Appaloosa gelding who stands 14.1hh. He is not broke to ride.  Walker has some lameness issues in one of his hind legs due to an old injury.  He is enjoying pasture in his foster home this summer and we will assess his lameness again this fall.

Cyclone McQue

Cyclone McQue came in from a December 2015 Hubbard County abandonment/neglect case.  She was foaled around 1998 and stands approximately 14.1hh. She has had dental and farrier care and was treated for lice and intestinal parasites. She was quite thin at intake and had severely cracked and misshapen hooves. She has required many months of careful nutrition and farrier care before we can do any training assessments on her. If you would like to sponsor this girl or make a donation to assist with her care, please click here to donate through Network for Good, or click here to donate through Paypal.


Odin is a very nice young grade POA type (a POA is a Pony of the Americas-which is a Shetland x appaloosa) gelding who was foaled in 2014 after his mother Odessa came in from the Wadena County humane case in 02/14.  He currently stands 13.2hh.  Odin competed successfully in the 2016 Diamond in the Rough competition at Truhaven Ranch w/ trainers Sue Ann Woo and Deb Anderson. He is not yet broke to ride and had been placed in our 2018 Trainer’s Challenge of the Unwanted Horse, but we have now pulled him from training due to injury from a tying accident. He has been receiving regular vet check ups and chiropractic work and we expect a full recovery!

You can follow Odin’s recovery throughout the summer on Odin’s Official Facebook page HERE!





Bonfyre is a chestnut Arabian mare who was foaled at MHARF in 2008 after her mother, Wildfyre, came in pregnant during a humane case. As a youngster, Bonfyre had an unfortunate accident that broke her olecranon (point of the elbow). She’s was placed in the capable care of the veterinarians at the U of M who fitted her with a plate. Because of the plate, Bonfyre will be unable to participate in high-impact sports like jumping and cross-country, but she could be a great riding horse. As you can see she has grown into a beautiful mare!