Foxy is a bay grade Arabian mare who came in during a recent December 2017 humane case. She stands 14hh. She was pregnant at intake and gave birth to a healthy bay filly (Faline) on May 5th, 2018.


Nutmeg is a sorrel grade quarter horse mare who came to MHARF from a December 2017 humane case. She was foaled in approximately 2006. She was in foal at intake and she gave birth to a beautiful filly we named Alice on August 18th, 2018. Nutmeg is an extremely sweet mare and a great mother! We know she is well broke to ride but she has also been diagnosed with navicular disease. She is doing well right now but we will have to have her reassessed before she is made available for adoption in the future.


Cactus Jack

Cactus Jack is a beautiful dark bay yearling gelding who was born on 06/16/17. His mother, Cactus Katie, is a pinto mare who came to MHARF during a May 2017 Isanti County humane case.  Jack was recently diagnosed with a bone cyst and required arthroscopic surgery. We expect jack to make a full recovery!  (Thank you to Sydney Jordan Photography  for the beautiful photos of Jack and his mother Katie!)





Update 07/2018: Nova is having some ongoing issues with abscessing in one of her front hooves so she is back in our rehab progrma for now.

Nova is a grade gaited mare who came to MHARF from a 2015 Hubbard County humane case. She is black rabicano (limited white roaning) and very pretty. She stands 14.3hh and was foaled around 2004.  Nova is broke to ride and has been in training during the summer and fall of 2017 and is doing very well. Her trainer says she is a sweet mare who tries very hard to please and is really smooth and quick. Nova needs to be ridden in a bosal or some other type of bitless bridle. She has obviously been ridden in the past by someone with very rough hands. She has scarring on her lips and her poll and is reactive to touch on her mouth and face. We have determined this is not an ongoing pain issue but a response to previous poor handling. Nova requires a confident rider who will help her build up her own confidence (she is very willing to please and seems to worry about doing things wrong–most likely due to unkind past handling). Nova loads well and has really good ground manners.  Her trainer has been diligently working with her on picking up her feet and she is doing great with that as well. It does appear that she was a victim of past soring. Nova has her own Facebook page and you can view it HERE!







Padre is a gray White Sands mustang who came to MHARF in December 2016 from a South Dakota humane case (from the International Society for the Protection of Mustangs and Burros. Click Here to read more about this case). He was foaled in approximately 2014 and was a stud at intake but has now been gelded. Having no previous handling, Padre did have some trust issues when he came in but was friendly and curious. He spent the summer of 2017 in training with Bob Johnson for our Promise of the Future training competition (you can see Padre and Bob’s work over the summer of 2017 Here!) Padre now stands 14hh. He was placed in our 2018 Trainer’s Challenge of the Unwanted Horse with trainers Kiley and Jeremy Anderson. and is now started under saddle. However, in early September Padre did suffer a soft tissue injury and was placed on 8 to 12 weeks of stall rest so he was unable to compete. We expect a full recovery and Padre will be available for adoption.  You can follow Padre’s Trainer’s Challenge journey on his 2018 Facebook page Here!

At the 2018 Trainer’s Challenge, Padre’s trainers, Kiley and Jeremy, were awarded the 2018 Andrew Phipps Memorial Award for Good Horsemanship/Good Sportsmanship because of their dedication to Padre’s well-being and best interest!