Unbridled Bob Celebrates His 10-year Adoption Anniversary!

Thank you to Bob’s special person for these photos on the 10th anniversary of his adoption!

“Thank you for the horse I love so much!”

Thank you to Ellana for this nice message and update on Zameel! ” I adopted a horse from you guys almost 10 years ago. His name is Zameel. I can’t thank you guys enough for what you do and I can’t thank you enough for my horse. He has changed my life and he has the most wonderful personality. He loves running out to the pasture and playing with other horses. Thank you guys so much for the horse I love so much.”

Update on Eclipse

Thank you to Tiffany for this update on Eclipse! “Eclipse is doing amazing!”

Rest in Peace, Lacy

Our hearts go out to Cindy and her family. They just had to say good bye their MHARF alum Lacy. This pretty mare was over 30 years old! Thank you to Cindy and family for giving her such a wonderful home for so many years! Cindy says she is “going to miss her soft nicker every time I approach the paddock. She had so much personality!”

“Thank you for letting me adopt them!”

Thank you to Deborah for these pics of Quinn and Maggie, both adopted from MHARF. Deborah says, “Thank you for letting me adopt them!” We say, thank YOU, Deborah, for giving two horses a great home!