Swank’s (aka Saraswatie) New Career

I adopted Saraswatie from MHARF in December of 2007. Saraswatie, or “Swank” as I call her, is a chestnut OTTB mare. I went to the rescue to find a horse that I could show in dressage. I have a 22-year-old Arab whose showing days are over and although I could have looked for a more “conventional” dressage horse, I wanted to adopt a horse from the rescue.

I remember seeing Swank for the first time on that day in January when it was about 20 degrees below zero. A dark, shaggy horse came towards me and I thought, “this isn’t the horse from the website.” I rode her briefly and a couple weeks later was back to take her home. She has been such a valuable addition to my life. She has taught me so much and tries so hard for me.

swank swank01

In 2009 we went to our first recognized show. She won every class and didn’t score below 64%. We even won a benefit class and came home with a gorgeous clock! In 2010 we continued to show in recognized shows and she continues to amaze me.

However, she isn’t just a show horse for me. She loves my old Arab and has become a great pasturemate to him. She has even taken over as my “trail horse” and together we rode the trails in Medora, ND, this past fall. She is no pushover, though! She demands respect, but she is also more than willing to try her heart out for me. We have good days (and some not so good) as we continue our dressage journey together, but she has and will continue to teach me more about not only horses, but also about life for many years to come. I can’t thank MHARF enough!

– Pam Harris

Snoops the Cat Enjoys a Good Puzzle

snoops snoops01 snoops02My mom and I decided we needed to get a friend for our cat, Poufy, who had been alone since we lost his cat friend, Arnie. Although neither Poufy nor Arnie had come from a rescue, they were both “rescues” as they were strays who adopted us. In November of 2010, I saw on the MHARF website a picture of kitties that had been abandoned at a gas station. The one in the front was a brown tabby that looked right at me and said, “I want to live with you.” I emailed Drew and a few days later I adopted that kitty. After a couple of days Mom (who is 88) decided his name should be “Snoops” since he is such a snoop and is into everything.

Every day when I come home from work Mom tells me everything Snoops did (got into) throughout the day. Mom loves to work jigsaw puzzles and so does Snoops. The problem is that he steals the pieces, so when she finishes the puzzle it may be missing a piece and/or the piece has teeth marks in it! Snoops’ nickname is Little G – he gallops up the stairs, down the stairs, across the room and then up the stairs again! He is a delight and so much fun.

A few months ago I sent an email to Drew with some photos of Snoops and I mentioned I wouldn’t keep bothering her with photos – her response was, “Thank you so much for the update; it’s never a bother to know that an animal is so appreciated, after once being thrown away!”.

Thank you to Drew and all involved for the efforts you all do to help the animals that so need help. Snoops doesn’t have hooves but I’m glad he was on the MHARF website.


wren and charlieMy son Charlie and his MHARF pony Wren! Wren came in pregnant from a 2009 abandonment case. She foaled here and her filly, Maya, was adopted! Such a sweet pony. –Natalie


Update on Confetti

Just wanted to update you on how Confetti is doing and send you her Christmas pictures. She was auditioning for Santa’s team!

confetti-antler-2I am very pleased with her attitude and progress. She has learned to trust me and if something different happens, Confetti doesn’t have a melt down but waits for me to tell her what to do. With the cold winter and not having an indoor ring she has had lots of time off. But has not reverted to not liking the girth tightened or getting a hump in her back and refusing to move. When I get on and cluck, confetti just walks off.

Another big hurdle that has been passed is her first hoof trim. No tranquilizer, just patience and understanding on the part of Ron, my farrier. At first Confetti was very mistrustful of a strange man, but he won her over. Her behavior was not ideal, but that wasn’t expected and could have been worse.

As you may remember I have 2 Shetland ponies, mom and ‘baby’; age 41 and 38. In early November Coco started active lethargic. When she didn’t snap out of it I had the vet out. With her age and a heart murmur she has had problems with severe cold bothering her in the past. Unfortunately it was cancer. So we said goodbye Thanksgiving weekend.

It has always been one of my greatest fears that if I lost one pony the other would follow of a broken heart. Sunny was distraught at the loss of his mother. He would roam the pastures searching for Coco and crying.

Thank God for Confetti. She would go to him and give him her company to distract him from his grief. I do believe that with out her I would have lost Sunny also.


Update on Aiko – FKA Unbridled Bob

aiko_unbridled_bobDear Hooved Animal rescue:

Just wanted to send an updated photo of Aiko (Unbridled Bob) He is doing very well, and is a very happy boy, he is also by far the best horse in the world (not that I am biased or anything!)

– Stacey