Hoolie the Mule

December 28, 2006

Dear Minnesota Hooved Animal Rescue,

hoolieA month ago, Drew told me she got a very interesting pony mule in that she named “Hoolie”. Her age was late teens to 20 years old. Drew thought she was a great mule.

I own a Handicapped riding facility named Majestic Hills Ranch. We give free rides to children that have all sorts of special needs. They range in ages from two to 18 years old. I heard about Hoolie and was really interested in her. I asked if I could adopt her for the children and then brought her home to let her get used to my ponies. She loved the ponies, but they weren’t quite sure about her. Now she gets along with the ponies great!

I asked one of my boarder’s kids to help me see if she has ever been ridden. Well, as you can see, she is great with the kids! I can’t wait until the spring when I can use her in my riding program. She loves the attention that everyone gives her, so she’s going to work out just great for the program.

Thank you so much Drew for letting me know about her. She is truly a great mule and a hoot to be around.

Jodi Townsend


chrissyHere’s Chrissy, the sorrel mare laying (okay, more like buried) in the round bale. Chrissy was adopted by Brandy Olsen and is enjoying her life of relentless hard work with her friend Mister (the dark gelding).

Okay, maybe there’s not so much hard work. As you can see she’s got it pretty rough! And she can’t seem to relax!

Charlie Brown, My “Rescue” Pony

Four years ago, my parents adopted Charlie Brown, a horse from the Hooved Animal Rescue. He was one of 45 horses, abandoned, and, thankfully, rescued. Charlie was my dream come true. I had been riding dressage for three years. I didn’t really know Charlie until after he was broke to ride, when I rode him in one of my lessons. In that lesson, I found the best horse (in my opinion) in the world. From March to July, we trained Charlie at intro level. Charlie and I went to the Midsummer Dressage show, mostly for fun, not caring about scores and being happy if I did really well. Over fall, winter and spring, we took a slightly larger step in dressage, trying to do a bit more. The next summer, we felt fairly confident at intro, and had taken a shaky step towards training level.

In late June 2005, we were planning on taking Charlie to the Dressage Lite in Mason City Iowa. Well, what do you know; he would not take a step into the big scary trailer. That summer, we trained him to associate the trailer with food. Soon, he was walking in and out without a problem. We took him to the Midsummer show in July, taking on the trailer. That Saturday was one of the most exciting moments of my life. Charlie and I had received a 71% and a first place in intro. We had officially graduated. That Sunday, we took on training level. It had rained the night before. Charlie refused to go through any puddles.

That winter, we succeeded in becoming round. At last! We were so excited to go do the team challenge in Mason City. Then, one day, I came home from spring break. We got a call from the barn. Charlie had gotten a gash on his elbow area. I couldn’t ride for a month and a half. I was crushed. We had worked so hard. The day before we left, we gave it one more try, and succeeded. I could take him to the show. We went, not expecting the greatest scores after not being able to ride for a month and a half. Charlie gave it his all. He was fantastic in my mind, but not the judges. I didn’t care. I was just happy to ride my horse.

Last winter, once more, we worked and worked and worked. We had improved so much. In the spring, we did some jumping for fun. A horrifying experience (for Charlie anyway) but, finally making it over. We took him to Mason City again this summer, doing great. The next weekend, waking up at 4:30 in the morning, we took Charlie and two other horses to Parkside Dressage. It was the craziest weekend of my life but it was so much fun. On Saturday, we arrived at 6 AM. In our first class, my sister, Kate, and her friend Rachel and I place first second third. On Sunday, I could not believe it. Rachel and I were in the same class, Kate in another. Before my ride, I realized that Charlie and I had some tough competition. Rachel, who had rode earlier than me, had gotten a 70%. Charlie and I had the best ride of our lives, coming up 1% below Rachel. When I walked out of the ring, Charlie and I realized we had some fans. No one could believe that this wonderful, great- gaited horse was a rescue pony.

Later that day, in our last ride, we confronted and conquered our fear of puddles. What a ride. It was pouring rain. By the end we were soaked through.

Charlie is the most amazing horse I’ve ever met. We have bonded so much throughout the years. When he sees me coming to his stall, he nickers. When I fall, he stops dead still and looks at me like he’s asking “what on earth am I doing down there?” The only people I can’t thank enough for Charlie Brown is the organization that rescued him.

Dave’s New Life

To Drew and the other great volunteers:

dave_beforeJust would like you to know how wonderful “Dave” is. We could have not asked for such a kind and sweet horse. He is working out just grand and has adapted very well to his new home.

When he arrived at French Lake stables last Friday night, December 23rd, 2005, he took a good look at the new surroundings before exiting the trailer and let out several whinnies to announce that it looked just fine here. When entering the barn he proceeded to greet all that were waiting for him with several more announcements that he had arrived and was anxious to see them all!

Dave – now Juddie Dave (or Jud) – and Meg have become fast friends. She has been spending time with him each day and all is going very well. All others at the farm seem to enjoy him also and have complemented on how nice he is.

dave_afterThe new and improved Our other horse, Buddy, is a little jealous, however we have informed him that he needs to get over this stage and NOW is a good time for that. I think this soon will pass as we include both in activities.

Thank you again for the perfect match. We could have not asked for a better gift in this special horse.

Drew and others, you have a special gift and are caring beyond words for all of these animals. We should all be thankful that there are people such as yourselves there to provide the care and kindness needed to the animals who are so deserving of it.

Sue and Meg Miller

Nora and Kaylea

When I found out what a horse was I fell in love. Every day I would ask my parents “When can I get a horse?” they would always reply “Sometime.”

nora&kayleaKaylea and Nora (June 15th 2005)Then one day I went to a conference and my teacher said “We’re getting my daughter a horse – do you want to board at our house.” We answered “Yes.” One night I was over at the Hill’s house and my dad came to pick me up and when I got in the house I went over to the couch and sat by my mom and my dad sat in our chair and they said “We’ve adopted Nora.” I didn’t believe them at first then the showed me the papers. I will never forget that day: 5/27/05.

We put her in training for a month and for the last three days my trainer Joe wanted me out there. On the second day (which was 7/2/05) she started to buck even though I grabbed her neck and swung off my parents felt safer if we kept her at Majestic Knights. Now I keep Nora out there with Ashley, Sam and Lexi.

Thanks to all the people who helped me get Nora, they are Drew, Wendy, the Hills, my trainer Joe and most importantly my parents.

– Kaylea