Silly Jeri, that’s my blind pony, not your Mama!! This is my friend’s female (spayed) kitten Jeri, who seems rather…uhm…attached to my lil mini mare Peachblossom. 😛 Adopted Peachblossom (named her after one of my favorite book character’s warhorse) 1/22/2011 (Butterscotch Swirl I think is what her name was?) Thank you SO MUCH for all that you and the group do!! Without you guys I never would have found my lil warpony!! -Rachel C.


Phineas Re-Enters Dressage Show Life

Just wanted to send you an update regarding Phineas.

phineas phineas01In 2011 Phineas re-entered the Dressage show life. Our first day out was the Three Ring Circus in Hugo, MN. We placed fourth in Training 1.

Phineas has such a big heart and loves to go to work, once you convince him to move forward and not be too lazy. He and his financial supporter Mary will be riding the the Bill Woods Clinic and schooling show being held at Sunborn Stables.

When not in training, he loves to go for trail rides on a long rein to relax and nibble at the grass along the path. Look out 1st Level, here we come!

– Mary

Freya and the Williams Family

freyaJust wanted to give you an update on Freya. She is quite happy here and is getting along well with the “others”. We have been riding at Wild River State Park, crossing bridges and so forth. She is a sweet, solid little mare. She has bonded with and seems to love both of us. We had a picnic with 15 kids and 15 adults and she did great giving rides around the house with as young as a 3 year old child (being led of course). We can’t imagine life without her now. We are so appreciative of her. Travis adds, “She is way better than what I could have imagined.”

Sandi and Travis Williams

Panzer Hits the Trail

panzerandjhI wanted to let you know that Panzer is doing wonderfully. We had a bit of a rough start, but everything is great now. He’s gained well over 200 lbs. and now sticks at 17.2 hands. He is honestly the most level headed horse at our farm.

Panzer loves going on trail rides, although he’s still figuring out how to navigate down large hills. The first time we went out on the trail, he even crossed a little wooden bridge without hesitating. Also, it has been a bit of a struggle, but he has learned about bending and proper headset.

Our farrier is still surprised that he’s an OTTB, since Panzer is so incredibly calm. Anyway, I still feel incredibly blessed to have Panzer and I think that he is wonderful. On a side note, Panzer jumped his first jump this evening (it was small but he willingly did it). He’s so smart!

Joanne Havican

Queen of Her Domain – Bella – FKA Katrina

Bella_KatrinaJust an update on Katrina, now known as Bella; rescued by Drew and MHARF, adopted by Peggy, Mark & Megan. She is the queen of her domain, is now a riding horse, and is a gentle giant.

Many thanks for all that you do MHARF! Our family has been enriched!

– Megan, age 11