Meg Moves the California!

Lucky MHARF alum Meg has moved to California! Here is an update we received from her person:
“Meg and I have moved to California. She has adapted to the warm sunny climate and I am back with my family and friends. . Thank you so much for letting me adopt her. She is a very happy Belgian.”

Thank you to Toby! (Photo credit: Susan Boecker)

Grace is Looking Fantastic!

 Thank you to Anna Hill for this update on Grace (formerly known as Blackbird).

“This rescue mare is all grown up! From skin and bones to dressage pony!”

Winston Joins the Wedding Party!


MHARF alum Winston (formerly known as Bugsy) had the privilege of participating in his owner’s wedding! (You may also remember Winston as the unicorn from our 2014 Trainer’s Challenge halftime show, shown in photo #3!)

Sonny Hits the Trails!

Thank you to Katlyn for this update on Sonny (sorrel pictured on left)!

“Took Sonny to Maplewood today! It was a gorgeous day and he did amazing!! Although he wasn’t a fan on the water initially, he loved it after. Sonny never ceases to amaze me. He will do just about anything I ask of him with a little persistence. As our bond continues to grow, I can see the trust forming in us. I fully trust that he’s going to take care of us on the trails. I couldn’t be happier with Sonny, and I have MHARF to thank for that

Update on Mr. B!

Thank you to Cindy Theiringer-Werronen for this update on Mr. B!

“My wonderful Morab, Mr. B, which stands for Big Beautiful Brilliant Bay, sometimes Butthead Boy. My Trail riding buddy Adopted from Minnesota Hooved Animal Rescue many years ago and still going strong. Thank YOU MHARF!”