Ming the Mustang

“Here’s a picture of my beautiful girl, Ming. After a run around the arena, she stopped to catch her breath. She has turned into a strong, smart mare. She’s the lead mare in a herd of 13. We call her the “sidewalk supervisor” since she keeps track of everyone coming in and out of the pasture. Chatting with them as they come and go. Such a chatty girl… I love her to death. Thanks for all you did for her!” –Allyn

“Everything Happens for a Reason…”

“I just wanted to send you a quick update on Raine (Formerly known as Amber). Raine is doing awesome and has settled in really well with the herd. We have been having so much fun together and have been working on all different types of riding! Lately we have been working on ground poles and small jumps, and we even got a few trail rides in during the fall before the weather changed to freezing. I love how open Raine is to trying new things. She is such a sweet and loving mare. We really have such a special connection, and I am so lucky that everything worked out the way it did so that I was able to adopt her. I know everything happens for a reason.

Also, Raine got her own custom dressage saddle that should be arriving around the end of February. I was having trouble finding a saddle that fit her correctly since she has high withers and is short backed, so I decided this was the best option to keep her happy. She definitely deserves the best! Thank you again for allowing me to adopt her and letting me make her apart of my family. I’m so blessed to have her and wouldn’t change anything for the world!

I attached a few images below.. I dressed her up for Christmas with my other mare.

“I LOVE this guy!”

Thanks so much to Linda for this update on MHARF alum Cymba! Linda says this about her beautiful gelding: “Once he figured out that I wasn’t giving up on him….he melted and became my partner. Still very much opinionated about some things but never mean, very loving, always ready to do whatever, and always tries his best! Fits in my chestnut Arab herd well…imagine that! I LOVE this guy! Thank you!”


Rest in Peace Benny Hill

Thank you to the Hempel family for this wonderful tribute to Benny Hill! The Hempel family has been a great friend to MHARF over the years!

“Dear Minnesota Hooved Animal Rescue Foundation,

It’s with heavy hearts that I am writing you to let you know that we, along with our vet, had to make the tough decision to put Benny Hill down due to issues with old age.

Benny will be greatly missed. When Benny first came to my Grandpa’s farm ( Marlyn Hempel) in 2010, he had a lot of trust issues. The husband of the couple from MHARF that brought Benny to us had grass stains all over his jeans from Benny‘s antics to try and get away. It took a long time for Benny to trust my Grandpa and I. Around this same time I starting dating a girl, who eventually became my wife. When she started coming with me to Grandpa’s that was our turning point with Benny. Benny warmed up to Jess and they soon became very close. With Jess as a bridge Benny slowly started to trust my Grandpa and I as well.
Benny was a very social guy, he loved being with other horses at Grandpa’s farm. He especially bonded with our other mule Hannah. Benny participated in a few mule shows throughout the years. Where he got to expand his horizons from halter class to egg and spoon games to an obstacle course where he did great except for that scary plastic roping steer that he wasn’t so sure about.
In 2011 we adopted Benny. Then in the spring of 2015 he and Hannah moved to our place from Grandpa’s. It was great having both of them at our place and seeing and working with them every day. He and Hannah enjoyed their new home and enjoyed visiting with the big percheron neighbors on the other side of the fence. He also accepted a new addition of Colby the mule to the family in the summer of 2016 and enjoy Colby him as a new friend.

The companionship and joy that Benny brought into our lives is something we will never forget. He was a once in a lifetime mule that we were blessed to be able to give a forever home to for the last seven years of his life.
Thank you for all that you do for equine and finding them perfect matches for their forever home!
Aaron and Jessica Hempel”

Double the Hope!

Thank you to Joyce M. for this update!
“Both of my wonderful Hopes gave pony rides at the Western Fest rodeo in Granite Falls and did great. They gave many, many rides and put smiles on lots of kids faces. Both horses have been on several trail rides and we are looking forward to going trail riding in the Black Hills in August. Little Hope (adopted last fall) is now a lesson horse, she stays calm and is very forgiving. The picture titled Little Hope is of a gal in her early 60’s who after a few weeks is riding on her own and loving every minute of it. Again, I can’t say enough about my two Hopes, they are wonderful horses. Thank you!”
Thank YOU Joyce! “Big” Hope was formerly known as Trickery and was trained by Katie Hembree for the Trainer’s Challenge before being adopted by Joyce. “Little” Hope was one of Truhaven Ranch’s entries in last year’s Challenge, trained by Marirose Berner and then adopted by Joyce.