“Grateful to get Edgar as a partner!”

Thank you to Laurelyn for this wonderful update on her adopted MHARF horse Edgar Allen Poe!
“I’m grateful that I get Edgar as a partner! Every time I work with him he amazes me; he’s intelligent, gorgeous, and oozing with personality. The bravado of an adolescent is giving way to a quieter confidence as our trust in one another grows. He recently turned 4, and has been learning more about carrying a saddle and even a rider while tackling interesting things we encounter on our walks.”

“She Has Made My Dreams Come True!”

Thank you so much to Renee for this update on Bella Bean (formerly known as Butter Bean): “She is so amazing. I am so lucky to have this horse.Thanks a million–she has made my dreams come true!”

Marigold and Zoe (formerly Sally Forth) Have the Best Summer Ever!

Thank you to the Carlson family for this update! “Marigold and Zoe (Sally Forth) are both doing great.  Zoe and Allie did the 3 ring circus schooling show on Memorial Day weekend and both horses did cross country and stadium jumping at Jane Braddock’s Fun show on June 10th. We are having the best summer ever!!”

Phoebe (formerly Loma Linda) is a “Peach”!

Thank you to Elizabeth for this update on her beautiful adopted palomino! “Miss Phoebe (formerly Loma Linda) is doing so great. Such a love and so willing to try anything. Can throw the saddle on her back with out a problem. She’s a peach!”