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MHARF & eBay

MHARF + eBay = Happy Horses!

It's a well-known fact that horses can't access the Internet. Computers, unfortunately, are not made with the hooved individual in mind. (That, and something about opposable thumbs, but we digress.) So, in an effort to overcome this limitation, the volunteers at the Hooved Animal Rescue have created a "storefront" on eBay in order to auction off some good items where 100% of the final auction price will go to support the horses at the Rescue!

To see what is being auctioned off, simply follow this link - and you'll be taken to the listing of all the items currently up for auction. Again, 100% of all proceeds for these auctions will go directly to the horses at the Hooved Animal Rescue!

Want to help the horses? Enjoy getting cool things at a great price? Check out the eBay auctions now! Items are added frequently, so check back often!

But wait - there's more!

Don't see anything on auction that you'd like to bid on? Well, there's another way you can help! If you have some quality items - they don't even have to be horse stuff - you can donate them to the Hooved Animal Rescue and we can put it up for auction on behalf of the horses. So as not to offend the horses, we ask that only good quality items be donated (as opposed to garden-variety "yard sale" items).

If you have something that you'd like to donate, please send an e-mail (and photo, if possible) to ebaysales@mnhoovedanimalrescue.org and we can arrange to pick up the item(s). Distance is a factor, so special arrangements may be needed. Thank you, your bids and donations are appreciated!


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