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Foster care can be very rewarding for you as well as the horses you sponsor!

Click here to download the Foster Care Application
Click here to download the Foster Care Guidelines

Panzer breezes with his pasture mates

Food, Water, Shelter

Some of the horses come to the program needing steady food more than anything else.

Chief’s Concerto (right) came to MHARF malnourished and severely underweight - he was adopted shortly after this picture was taken.




Positive Contact

Other horses come from abusive environments and need to be around humans in a positive manner.

Savannah (left) came into the program quite fearful of people—she has since been started under saddle.






Some horses need retraining before they are viable for adoption.

Calming Effect (right) came directly from the racetrack into the program. The volunteer pictured atop him wound up adopting Po’ (as he is affectionately known) but she continues to participate in the weekly group apprenticeship program working with other rescue horses.


Others come into the program with little skill. Their chances of being adopted increase greatly if they are started under saddle.

(Tru Skip Burner was donated to MHARF and has just recently been adopted.)

There are many ways you can volunteer with MHARF, foster care is just one. As you can see from the above foster care can be as involved as you want to make it.


Contact the Minnesota Hooved Animal Rescue to find out if you qualify to provide foster care today.


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