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UPDATED April 23, 2014

(Please be patient - there's a lot of images)


If you see an animal on our website that catches your interest, call the shelter and set up an appointment to see the animal in person and to get more information on that animal's current status. Adoption fees are not posted as they can change during the time the animal is being evaluated.

Prospective adopters are interviewed face to face (no application) and a farm inspection is set up so that we can check out the place where the adopted animal will be kept. Please follow the link below to review the guidelines that will help get you qualified for adoption.


Upon qualifying, an Adoption Contract is signed by both parties. This contract is a co-ownership that lasts for the life of the animal. An animal adopted from MHARF cannot be sold, traded, or given away. If for any reason the adopted animal is not wanted, at any time, the animal must be returned to MHARF. We do not adopt out stallions and it is usually a policy that mares are adopted with a no breeding clause in their adoption agreement. Furthermore, only under very special circumstances does the Rescue adopt out an animal outside the five-state area - that is, Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin and the Dakotas.

We also have need of foster homes for the animals in our care. If you are intersted in fostering, please click the following link to read the guidelines.


To contact the Minnesota Hooved Animal Rescue, you can do so via e-mail at info@mnhoovedanimalrescue.org or by phone at 763-856-3119. The best time to call is between 7:30 and 8:30 AM. We cannot return long distance calls, so if calling long distance please call back. Please remember that appointments are necessary as there are many, many animals to be taken care of and we must plan/schedule our time to get everything done each and every day.

Horses Available for Adoption | Horses in Rehab
Animals Available for Adoption | Animals in Rehab



April, 2014 - Thor, Doc's White Gold, Rozlyn, Ruben, Lookit

March, 2014 - Princess, Chukapava, Cisco, Blossom

February, 2014 - Kachina

January, 2014 - Trudy, Amber, Eleanor the Donkey

December, 2013 - Lady Flash, Leo Precious Justice, Daisy Mae

November, 2013 - Chino, Unnamed Black Mare, Unnamed Black Pinto Mare, Hot Damn Ellesafire

October, 2013 - Dandy, Quincy, Bandit

September, 2013 - Queen Mab, Hurricane, Amigo

August, 2013 - Gem, Bristol Bomber, Cash, Casey Tibbs, Dolores, Hawaii-Phive-O, Norma, Porcha, Ramona, Roger Dodger, Sparrow, Trickery, Boone's Bandito, Freya, Coki, Merlin, Buffy, Thriller, Bella, Gaston

July, 2013 - King of Spots, Blackberry, Cranberry, Radar, Indy, Fareed, Carey's Black Opal, Cricket, Pearl

June, 2013 - Gilda, Gordon, Flikka, Sherman

May, 2013 - Annie, Rastus, Cymba

April, 2013 - Perdita, Golden Girl, Dynasty (when out of Rehab)

March, 2013 - Bellapetite, Jordan, Tootsie, Peanut, Easy Dancer, Baxter

February, 2013 - Mattie, Sage, Pancho, Rags the cat

January, 2013 - Tahopeka, Jet, Archer, London, 3 goats, 2 potbellied pigs, 12 chickens


Check the sections below for more information on these recent arrivals at the Minnesota Hooved Animal Rescue. Horses are broken into two sections - "Available for Adoption" and "In Rehab" so be sure to check both sections.

New horse(s) added: March 24-30, 2014
Ames Fanfare - chestnut mare
Flyn - chestnut gelding

Other animal(s) added/updated: November 12, 2013 (on the Animals page)
Helen - donkey jennet
Wait - donkey colt

Updates to existing horses made: April 19, 2014
Buena - bay mare
Crouching Tantrum Hidden Agenda
- sorrel mare
D'Artagnion - bay gelding
Denny - Truhaven - bay gelding
Edison - bay pinto gelding
Gallant - bay gelding
Hope - TOH - black mare
Johnny - TOH - bay gelding
Jojo - bay mare
Keno - buckskin pinto gelding
Ki - black mare
Levi - palomino gelding
Liberty - bay pinto mare
Medora Miss Medora - sorrel mare
Meridian - Truhaven - palomino mare
Polka Dot - Appaloosa mare
Raayna - TOH - bay mare
Thorn - bay pinto gelding


Click on images for a larger view
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Horses Available for Adoption | Horses in Rehab

This is Ahzi, he is a 2005 model Registered Appaloosa that stands 14.1 hands. Ahzi is broke to ride, and like so many of us is ready for his Spring tune-up. He is very much looking forward to finding a wonderful human to be his partner.

Ames Fanfare is a registered Arabian mare, foaled in 1994, she is a flashy chestnut and is very well trained to ride. Fanfare stands about 14.1 or 14.2 hands. We will get a photo up as soon as possible.


Named in the same fashion as her mother, Wyldfyre, Bonfyre is a mare that was foaled in 2008 (see her young photo here) while her mother was at the Rescue. Bonfyre had an unfortunate accident that broke her olecranon (point of the elbow). She's was placed in the capable care of the veterinarians at the U of M who fitted her with a plate so that she was able to grow up big and strong (surgery photo 1 and photo 2 here). Because of the plate, Bonfyre will be unable to participate in high-impact sports like jumping and cross-country, but she can be a great riding horse. As you can see she has grown into a beautiful young lady!

Also, this is a great example of why it's so important to halter-break your young horse as soon as possible. Even though she was in considerable pain from the break, she was an angel to work with thanks to her halter training.

Student of the 2014 Trainer's Challenge
Buena is blossoming into a beautiful little mustang mare who stands around 14 hands. Her current foster home describes her as "smart, athletic, alert and brave" and says she is dominant with other horses and that she also loves cats. She has come a very long way with her ground work and has recently been saddled but has not yet had a rider on her. She requires an experienced handler/trainer.


This is Bug, a palomino filly foaled in 2010. Bug and her mom came to MHARF from a humane case in Southern Minnesota. Bug stands 14.1 hands, but being part Morgan is expected to mature slowly so may continue adding height. She has a very laid back, mild temperament. Bug has not yet been started under saddle. For more info on Bug please contact Jean at (651)261-3428 or vbengston@aol.com

Casey is a 15 hand quarter/draft cross foaled in 1997. He is a very good boy and easy to handle while on the ground, or under saddle. His former job was as a mounted patrol horse. Last summer he was used in a kids riding program. He has been the unfortunate victim of lack of funding twice now, and he would love to go to his forever home. As you can see from his photo he stands very nicely for his farrier.

Foaled in 2004, Christa is a Paint cross, but you would only know that if if you knew her mother was a Paint. She's a quiet girl, and rather easy to handle, but does not enjoy a lot of affection (such as hugs) so may not be a suitable horse for children). She has a very nice trot, and takes both leads at the canter but could improve her canter with some work. She was trained to drive in 2009 and seemed to really enjoy it. She has some scarring on her back legs, but it's more cosmetic than anything. Christa was the 2009 Trainer's Challenge Champion, trained by Natalie Payne. Since that time, Christa has been shown in other events and has been used as a lesson horse for beginner and intermediate level riders. For more information about Christa, or to meet her in person, please contact Jean at 651-261-3428 or via email at vbengston@aol.com.

Chief is a 15.2 hand registered appaloosa gelding foaled in 2008. He is green broke to ride and is a very good boy, handsome, and friendly too - a complete package!


Clancy is a 13+ hand pinto Arabian-Pony cross gelding that we believe is 21 or 22 years old. Clancy requires senior feed to supplement his diet due to his age. He is a very nice pony for riding and has been a kids lesson horse in the past.

Conan is one of the six horses that were rescued from Todd County, Conan was a stallion (now a gelding) that arrived with a body score at about "2.5". He's responded well to a "weight training" program (the one that helps thin horses gain weight), and looking nice and shiny in his summer coat. We've been working with his training and he is comfortable under saddle as as well as driving. We think he was foaled around 2003 and he's what looks to be a pony-cross standing about 13 hands high.

Costello is a small pony mule gelding who was foaled in approximately 2010. He was one of the many mules from the Fillmore County case (Fillmore 55) in late 2012. Costello still has some trust issues but is coming around nicely!

Crouching Tantrum-Hidden Agenda CROUCHING TANTRUM - HIDDEN AGENDA
Student of the 2014 Trainer's Challenge
Crouching Tantrum-Hidden Agenda, is a 14 hand Saddlebred/Welsh cross filly foaled in 2010. This filly is the last foal of Mia, and was at her side when they were picked up in a humane case. Tante (short for, well, you know...) is a surprisingly polite filly, but she is full of fire and motion. Tante is very friendly, curious, and very smart. This little lady will definitely make a flashy harness pony with her 4 white socks and "look at me" demeanor. Could there be some Hackney in her blood? Ask Mia.

Student of the 2014 Trainer's Challenge
This is D'Artagnion, foaled in 2010, is an American Saddlebred gelding standing 15+ hands. Sired by The Knights Reflection and out of Mon Cher Fame, this youngster has oodles of promise as a show horse. He has a very nice temperament and he is registerable (he is not currently registered).

Foaled in 2006, Daybreaks Abbey Road is a very nice chestnut mare who gave birth to a beautiful filly, Penny Lane, on July 20, 2011. Abbey is a registered American Saddlebred mare, who is athletically built and has very pretty ears. Daybreaks Abbey Road is a very pretty dark liver chestnut and came to us from a Pine County humane case. She is very friendly and extremely interested in people.

Denny-TruHaven DENNY - TruHaven Ranch
Student of the 2014 Trainer's Challenge
Foaled around 2005, Denny is a handsome, solidly built dark bay and white pinto Arabian-cross gelding who stands approximately 14.2hh. He is a friendly horse who is halter broke but has no other training. Denny is joining the Trainers Challenge from TruHaven Ranch.

Dolly is a flashy 33" miniature horse who was foaled in 2007. Registered with the AMHR as Summit Dazzling Dolly, she also has temporary papers with the AMHA under the same name. She is a show quality mare with Hall of Fame and National/World Champions in her pedigree. Dolly has a lot of energy and her training is still limited, so she is recommended for an experienced handler at this point.

Foaled in 2004, Earl is a nice bay gelding who has been started under saddle. Earl stands 14 hands and is very solid and sturdy. We believe he is a Mustang or Mustang cross. Earl has wonderful ground manners and stands well for farrier work (as seen here), clipping, bathing, and fly spraying. As you can see from this photo, Earl is green broke and will work best with someone who has experience and with whom he has a trusting relationship.

Ebony is a very sweet Welsh-type pony who is in her teens. She absolutely LOVES brushing and petting, but she really dislikes veterinarians so would appreciate an apple a day to keep them away. We are told that Ebony is broke to ride.

Student of the 2014 Trainer's Challenge
This is Edison, a gelding from the Fillmore case. He was foaled in 2008, and as you can see by clicking on this photo he was very thin and needed to add on a few pounds. He has now recovered from cryptorchid (undescended testicle) surgery and has filled out nicely as you can see from his more current photo to the right and this photo of his other side.

Emma is a very sweet bay mare foaled sometime in the late 1980's. She came to us as part of a 2013 humane case and was severely underweight. She is a wonderful girl, who is well broke to ride. She neck reins and does best with a curb bit. Her breeding is unknown, but she is very friendly. This mare is very solidly built and definitely has some power and speed. She definitely does not look, act, or feel her age. For more information, or to meet Emma, please contact Cindy at 320-983-2954 or 320-223-4908.

Meet Esme, a pretty black breeding stock paint type mare who stands around 14.1 hands. She was foaled in 2009. She has just recently been halter broke and has no other training.

This little cutie is Esperanza, a dark bay (or may shed out black) and white pinto filly foaled in spring of 2012. Her breeding is undetermined (her dam is Dolores, listed above), but she is a nice mover! You may remember her as "the sled filly" who came in during a December 2012 humane case. She was so weak she couldn't stand and had to be taken from the trailer to the clinic in a sled. "Essie" has had one eye removed, and a prosthesis was inserted. However, we don't think she has had sight in that eye for most of her life, so she is very used to only seeing out of the other. The eye surgery has not slowed this spirited little survivor down at all! She is currently recovering from her surgery and will soon be available for adoption. Click here to see a photo of her equally beautiful left side. Esperanza would greatly appreciate any sponsors willing to help with her medical bills.

Fletcher is a nice buckskin and white pinto gelding who was foaled around 1997. He stands approximately 14.2 hands and is a very sturdy fellow. He doesn't like to ride out alone but excels on the trail with other horses--so would make a great trail horse for older kids or would be a good "husband horse". Very nice ground manners--just a little barn sour so does best when out with other horses. He's a flashy boy and the kind of trail horse everyone is looking for!

Graduate of the 2013 Trainers Challenge
Flurry is a bay roan mare, foaled in 2009. She is a very attractive girl, who bears a Diamond S brand on her left shoulder. We have yet to trace this brand back to determine from where she originates. Flurry is green broke to ride and will continue her training this year as she matures.

Graduate of the 2010 Trainers Challenge
Flyn, foaled in 2007, is an extremely friendly chestnut gelding. He has a great personality and is broke to ride. He has grown into a very handsome large man standing around 16 hands.

Full of Spice FULL OF SPICE
Graduate of the 2012 Trainers Challenge
This is Full Of Spice, a registered American Saddlebred mare foaled in 2001, who is the mother of Spot (seen below)She is an intake from a Pine county humane case and is a very kind and sweet mare. As a student of the 2012 Trainer's Challenge, Spice is now broke to ride and has been doing wonderfully out on the trails.

Student of the 2014 Trainer's Challenge
Gallant is a beautiful bay gelding foaled in 2010, who came to us as part of the Fillmore County humane case. We believe he is a Thoroughbred - Draft cross as he currently stands 16+ hands. Gallant is a very nice, friendly young man and is excited to find a permanent home.

The little red colt foaled in November 2011 (very late year baby) is Hans - and as you can see he is growing up nicely! Hans is a National Show Horse and is an extremely friendly gelding with a great temperment. He will definitely make someone a very good equine partner.

Hope - This Old Horse HOPE - This Old Horse
Student of the 2014 Trainer's Challenge
This is Hope, a stock-type mare foaled in 2001. Hope stands 14.2 hands and is very solidly built. She is black with unique silver roaning. Hope is joining the Trainers Challenge from This Old Horse.

A grey Arabian mare, Isis, was foaled in 1998 and stands about 14 hands high. When she first arrived at the Rescue, she was pretty darn thin, but she's filled out nicely. She was also new mommy, having given birth to a cute little bay and white pinto filly named "Slippery". Isis was in rehab for a while to both care for her baby as well as put on some much needed weight. She's been in training for some time (45+ days) and is doing really well - very smart, and is a very nice girl.

Johnny - This Old Horse JOHNNY - This Old Horse
Student of the 2014 Trainer's Challenge
This flashy young man is Johnny, an Arabian gelding foaled in 2010 out of Raayna (listed below). Johnny stands 15 hands and is a beautiful boy. He is joining the Trainers Challenge from This Old Horse.

Student of the 2014 Trainer's Challenge
Meet Jojo! She is an adoreable young lady who was foaled in May 2011. Jojo is a mustang cross who was born after her mama, Ramona, was taken in from the Tower, MN humane case. Her daddy is unknown. She is a smart young lady who, as you can see, is quite beautiful. Click here to see a photo of Jojo and her mom together, or click here to see another photo of her as she was growing into the beautfiul young lady she's become.

Student of the 2014 Trainer's Challenge
Keno is a very nice buckskin and white pinto gelding who stands around 15 hands. He was foaled around 2007 and is not broke to ride. He is very friendly and has a sweet personality.

Student of the 2014 Trainer's Challenge
This little mare is named Ki. She's a black 2005 Missouri Foxtrotter who came to us from a 2013 humane case. When she arrived she was in need of some serious weight gain, but is now ready to find a loving home. She is not currently broke to ride. For more information, or to meet Ki, please contact Jean at 651-261-3428 or by email at vbengston@aol.com

Lahab is a flea bitten grey Arabian mare who stands 15 hands and was foaled in 1993. She had been ridden for 4H by kids the last 7 years and also trail ridden occasionally. Her teeth were not floated on a regular basis in the past and therefore she will require regular dental checks for the remainder of her days. She is a gentle, nice minded horse who would love to be ridden lightly and loved by someone. She is a slighter built mare and is suitable for a child or small adult. If you would like to know more about this lovely mare please call Jean at 651-261-3428 or by email at vbengston@aol.com.

Leo - TruHavenLEO - TruHaven Ranch
Candidate for the 2014 Trainer's Challenge
Leo is a very nice red dun Quarter Horse type gelding who was foaled in 2010. He stands approximately 14.3hh. He has recently been halter broke but has no other training.
Leo is joining the Trainers Challenge from TruHaven Ranch.

This is Lester. He is a 2009, 12.2 hand pony mule gelding from the Fillmore County humane case. As you can see, he has gained some weight and filled out nicely. He has recently been gelded and is ready to find a new home. Being a mule, he very much has a mind of his own, but he still has a very sweet temperament. To meet Lester, or learn more about him, please contact Truhaven Ranch at (320) 224-5454.

Student of the 2014 Trainer's Challenge
Levi, foaled in 2006, came in as a stallion from the 2013 Crow Wing County humane case. He has been gelded and is back to a nice healthy weight. He is a good boy on the ground but is not yet broke to ride. This handsome approximately 14.2hh palomino quarter horse is now looking for his new forever home!

Student of the 2014 Trainer's Challenge
Liberty is a 14hh bay pinto mare with one blue eye. She was foaled in approximately 2006 and came to us from the 2013 Crow Wing County humane case. Liberty is now ready to find a home to call her very own. We have determined that Liberty is not currently broke to ride.

Maggie is a very nice bay solid appaloosa mare who stands just under 15 hands. She is estimated to be foaled in 1995. We have confirmed that she is well-broke to ride and is currently being used as a lead line horse for children. Maggie is a wonderful girl who is anxiously awaiting a forever home!

Marin is a beautiful bay medium-pony-size hackney pony mare who came to us from the "Fillmore 55" humane case. She was foaled in approximately 2001 and has a very snappy trot so might make an excellent driving pony. Marin would not be suitable for children at this point as she has a lot of "go" and was not handled as much or as kindly as she should have been in the past.

Student of the 2014 Trainer's Challenge
Medora Miss Medora is a registered AQHA red dun mare foaled in 2002. She stands approximately 14.2 hands and is a very sweet girl.

Meridian MERIDIAN - TruHaven Ranch
Student of the 2014 Trainer's Challenge
Meridian is a 3/4-Belgian x 1/4-Quarter Horse mare, who stands 16 hh. She stands in the crossties for her feet to be trimmed and she doesn't eat any more than our other regular size horses. She has nice gaits and canters off freely. We think she will be an exciting addition to the 2014 Trainer's Challenge from Truhaven Ranch.

Rescued from the brink of death in the winter of 2009-2010, Ming is a Sheldon Mustang that was foaled in 2009. After spending some time at the University of Minnesota, she regained her health and has finally grown up to be one very large young lady.

Monroe is a sorrel breeding stock paint-type gelding. This young horse, foaled in 2012, has now been gelded. He has not had a lot of handling but is currently working on halter training in his foster home and is becoming a very nicely behaved horse. Monroe is a friendly boy and is looking for a loving home.

This handsome guy's name is Moose, and he is a lovely 16.2+ hand Tennessee Walker, who was foaled in 1996. Moose is a very nice, well broke to ride horse who can be ridden by anyone who feels comfortable riding a large horse. He is extremely friendly and loves attention and grooming. He does best in the paddock with other geldings. For more information about Moose, or to meet him in person, please contact Jean at 651-261-3428 or via e-mail at vbengston@aol.com.

Approximately 14 hands, Olivia is a very nice black and white pinto mare who we believe was foaled in 2008. She has recently been halter broke and has no other training.

Pearl is an appaloosa miniature pony mare, foaled in 2005. She is a very sweet little mare who is so loving and sweet that we expect she'll be adopted very quickly.

Graduate of the 2011 Trainers Challenge
Meet Penny Candy, foaled in 2007 she is the daughter of Mia, and sister of Crouching Tantrum. Penny Candy is as sweet as her name, very friendly and loves people. She is broke to ride and is small, under 14 hands. Penny Candy's temperament makes her a good candidate for a hunter pony as she is a beautiful mover.

Meet Pickles, a stock-type mare foaled in 2010. She's a pretty little girl, standing approximately 14 hands. We will have more information about her soon!

Student of the 2014 Trainer's Challenge
Given the distinction of being the first MHARF baby of 2010, Polka Dot (or "Dotty" to her friends) was born in the first part of March to her mama Nona. As you can see from her baby photo she was born a blanketed bay Appaloosa! Dotty is 1/2 Arabian and 1/2 Appaloosa and ALL sweetheart! She has definitely grown into a beautiful, large lady at 15.2 hands.


Raayna - This Old Horse RAAYNA - This Old Horse
Student of the 2014 Trainer's Challenge
This is Raayna, dam to Johnny (listed above), an Arabian mare foaled in 2006. She stands 14 hands and is very sweet and friendly. Raayna is joining the Trainers Challenge from This Old Horse.

Annie, a pretty bay roan pony mare foaled in 2007, came to us during a 2009 humane case. She had trust issues at first but has come around and has just recently been started under saddle. She is a large pony and will be best suited to a smaller adult or older child with experience.

Rascal is a black pony mule gelding. He is halter broke and is learning that being caught is not such a bad thing. He is very sweet and is such a cutie. For more information about Rascal, or to meet him in person, please contact Candy at (320) 224-5454.

Raven is a lovely mare foaled in 2005. She is 1/2 Oldenburg, 1/4 Trekhner, and 1/4 Arabian and we can honestly say she got the best of all worlds. She has a shiny black coat, lovely floating gaits, a beautiful head, and that amazing warmblood chest. Raven is best suited for a very experienced rider or trainer at this time.

Meet Rikki, a dark bay Hackney pony gelding who stands 11.2 hands. Rikki, foaled in approximately 2008, is very sweet and easy to handle. As you can see from this intake photo he has been working on gaining some much needed weight while he waits to find a loving home.

Serena is a wonderful sorrel mare, foaled in 2009, with lots of chrome! She has a white strip on her face, 2 high white behind, and 2 ankle white on her front legs. She stands approx 13 hands and has a very sweet temperament and lovely forward floating trot. We believe she would make a beautiful driving pony or dressage pony. For more information about Serena, or to meet her in person, please contact Candy at (320)224-5454 or via email at phillips1020@yahoo.com.

Sheba is a very sweet Paso Fino mare, foaled in 2004. she is very easy to be around and rides very nicely in a bitless bridle. As you can see by clicking here, she has no issues with getting her feet wet out on the trail. Any human would be lucky to have Sheba as their equine partner.

Sonny is a stock paint gelding foaled in 2004. He is about 14.2 hands tall. As you can see he is a cute, well built, smaller horse. Sonny is very sweet and likes people. He also gets along well with other horses. Sonny has had a few months of trail riding this year along with about 5-6 months of training last year. If you have questions regarding Sonny's abilities under saddle you may call Brittany at 651-755-4646. If you are interested in adopting Sonny please call Jean at 651-261-3428.

Spirit, registered with AQHA as Watch PB N J, is a gelding foaled in 2011 that stands 14.3 hands. He can be double registered as a Palomino. He is a quick learner and is very friendly, loving his "people time." He will make some lucky person a very nice equine partner.

Tater Chip is a handsome bay pinto medium-size pony gelding, standing 12 hands, foaled in 2004. He's not yet broke to ride or drive but is doing very well on his ground work. We think he'd make a very fancy driving pony!


Student of the 2014 Trainer's Challenge
Thorn is a 14.3 hands pinto gelding who was foaled around 2000. He was still a stud when he came in as part of a humane case, but he had obviously spent time among other horses because he hasn't shown any particularly studly behavior. He has now been gelded. We have determined that Thorn is not currently broke to ride.

This little guy is Wiley a pony mule gelding from the Fillmore County humane case. He was foaled in 2009 and stands 10 hands high. Wiley (as you can guess by the name) has not had a lot of handling yet. He was recently gelded and is now at Truhaven Ranch--so that will change real quick! For more info, or to meet this adorable little fellos, please call (320)224-5454.

Wyatt is a 14.3 hands chestnut gelding who was foaled in approximately 2008. We aren't sure what this handsome horse's breeding is. He came in as a stallion from a 2013 humane case. Now that he's a gelding, he is calming down nicely and doing very well in training under saddle. Wyatt is the January 2014 Adopt a Horse in the Valley Equestrian, but he's not letting the celebrity status go to his head. He's hard at work and can be seen in action on YouTube by clicking here for the canter, click here for walk/trot, and click here for the walk/lateral work.

Horses in rehab
(Not yet available for adoption)

The horses presented in this section have either recently arrived and are waiting for an examination, or have a medical condition that prevents them from being immediately available for adoption. In the case of the latter, there are often excessive medical bills that need to be paid. Thanks to the generosity of sponsors, these horses can continue to receive care. Unfortunately, there are usually more horses than there are sponsors.

If you or your organization would like to sponsor one or more horses at the Hooved Animal Rescue, please review the information needed on this form and send an e-mail to info@mnhoovedanimalrescue.org or contact MHARF at (763) 856-3119.

We're always trying to think of new ways sponsorship can benefit the sponsors as well as the horses, so the sponsorship program is currently being re-vamped and tweaked. All sponsors will be sent letters and photos of "their horses" that they can show of to their friends and co-workers.

Horses Available for Adoption | Horses in Rehab

Honey is a red dun quarter horse type mare who was foaled around 1993. A very recent intake, we don't have a lot of info on her yet. She needs to have all of her vet work done, including a pregnancy check because she was pastured with several young stallions. She will then be available for adoption after she gains some weight.

Katya came to us from the February 2014 Wadena County humane case. She was foaled in 04/2013 and she already stands 11.3 hands. She is sweet and easy to catch but is still learning all about being handled and led. She is an absolutely gorgeous girl and will be available for adoption after she has put on a little bit of weight. If you'd like to sponsor Katya, please click here or give us a call at (763) 856-3119.

Peter is an orphaned colt foaled in late 2013 from the Wadena County humane case from February 2014. We believe his mother was one of the 3 ponies found dead on the property. Peter was foaled around 08/2013. Under that thick coat his body score was only a "2" at intake. He is friendly and easy to catch. He will be available for adoption once we have gotten some weight on his little frame. To assist with Peter's nutrition or to sponsor him please click here to donate now through Network for Good, or click here to donate through Paypal.

Quinn is a 14.3hh buckskin Quarter Horse gelding who was foaled in approximately 2006. Quinn came to us from an early Spring 2013 humane case. Having been kept in close confinement with another horse who was aggressive towards him, he came to us very thin and with cracked ribs and large hematomas (click here to see intake photo). He is healing quite well and has put on a good amount of weight. Although we were told he is well broke to ride, we will not be assessing his training level until he gains more weight and has healed completely. So far Quinn has proven to be an extremely quiet and sweet horse who has very good ground manners and is responsive to voice cues. He's rarely afraid of anything and does not care if he is near other horses or alone. If you'd like to sponsor Quinn, please click here or give us a call at (763) 856-3119.

Sochi is a sweet Appaloosa pony mare who comes from the February 2014 Wadena County humane case. She was foaled in approximately 2006, stands 12.3 hands high and is blind in her left eye (which may require removal). She has also lost the tip of one ear to frostbite. As you can probably tell from the photo--Sochi is also pregnant and due to foal in March or April 2014. Sochi is friendly and easy to catch and lead now that she trusts us but we have no other information at the moment about her training level. She will remain in foster care until after foaling and weaning. To assist with Sochi's care or to sponsor her please click here to donate now through Network for Good, or click here to donate through Paypal.






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