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MHARF "Rescue Me" Poster


Thanks to the collaborative efforts of graphic designer Kari Finkler and animal photographer Mary Ludington, we are excited to announce the release of "Rescue Me" - a 13" x 18" poster donated to the Rescue to help raise funds for the animals in our care.

Rescue Me

So how do you get one of these? We're so very glad you asked! The poster will be available for sale for $10 at all MHARF sponsored events in addition to events where MHARF volunteers will be present. Be warned - the number of prints is limited, so be sure to stop by early to make sure you get yourself a copy.

Unfortunately, there are no events that the Rescue is scheduled to be at. Does this mean you're not going to get a poster? Certainly not! There's always the possibility of a new horse-related event popping up, and when that happens, there's a good chance we'll be there. Keep checking back for new event information to be posted so you can make sure you don't miss a single one!

You may also be interested to know that this is not the first time Kari and Mary have worked together on a project. The two have collaborated on the charming and warm-hearted book: "The Nature of Dogs" (Simon & Schuster, Fall 2007) - a collection of essays and photographs dedicated to the spirit and personality of the dog. For more information on this book, please visit the website here.

Many thanks to Kari and Mary for their time and talents that went into the creation of this poster!

"Rescue Me" image copyright © Kari finkler and Mary Ludington - Used with permission.