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Nebraska 200 Mustang Rescue

Back in April (2009), you may have heard of a rather unfortunate state of affairs at the Three Strikes Ranch in Nebraska, where a collection of wild Mustang horses has come to be known as the "Nebraska 200". Quite simply, it was a herd of horses that had been left unfed and uncared for to a point where about 75 had already died and the remaining 200+ were in sorry shape. The HSUS has stepped in, and in support of that organization, the MN Hooved Animal Rescue opted to take "ownership" of three (well, it was kind of more like six) of the Mustangs. These horses were:

A bay dun mare (foaled in 1995) with a newly born buckskin foal - #3856
A bay roan mare (foaled in 2000) who was pregnant at the time - #3894
A big bay mare (foaled in 2005) who was pregnant at the time - #3875

Of course, the big catch in all this was the fact that these horses were down in Nebraska, and we have limited resources with which to transport our wards. The good news (at least) was the fact that all horses had been Coggins tested, microchipped, and vaccinated, so they are ready for travel

The even better news was the fact that we had two well-equipped volunteers step up and offer their services to transport these horses up to Minnesota.

The first round of thanks went to Roxy Kahn for volunteering to make the trek down to Nebraska and pick up #3894 (the pregnant bay roan mare) and bring her back to up Minnesota for care. And another round of thanks went out to Siete Leguas Equine Veterinary Services in Cold Spring for being the care-giver for the aforementioned pregnant bay roan mare (more on that in a minute.

The next round of thanks went out to Bill Meyer and his incredibly HUGE trailer who transported the remaining three-and-three-quartersf (okay, four?) horses to Minnesota. Bill also threw out an offer to anyone else who needed a horse transported between Nebraska and Minnesota, since he has room to spare. Seriously! Would you look at the size of this thing? We needed to buy an extra camera just to take the photo!

So, back to Siete Leguas Equine Veterinary Services and the bay roan mare that they received from Roxy Kahn.

When she arrived, she was in pretty sorry shape - and if that wasn't enough, she was pregnant as well! The photo to the right is how she looked when she arrived in Minnesota on May 12th. And at the risk of being redundant, please remember that she is pregnant in this photo!

Since Siete Leguas foal out a fair number of mares each year, it was fortunate for this poor Mustang to be in their care. After a lot of food and good ol' TLC, her condition improved to where on June 29th - with the help of the veterinarians - a bouncing little Mustang filly was brought into the world.

Here's what Dr. Nicole Eller-Medina says about the two:

Both mare and foal are doing well, and Rioja (the official name given to the mother) has been wonderful about allowing us to handle the filly, even though we still can't get a hand on her! She is a very calm mare, and has never panicked about anything - she is just very watchful. She will take food from your hand, and talks to us when she needs something. We have really enjoyed having them here, and they will both be available for adoption eventually.

Since we're huge suckers when it comes to baby photos, here's one more of the little filly and mom. (There's no thumbnail because we don't want to spoil the "Awwww!!!" factor of the photo.)

As for the other Mustangs, they're all doing well and recovering nicely and a quietly munching on hay and grain and slowly gaining weight. While we don't have any current photos yet, we do have a photo of the trio when they first arrived in Minnesota.

The little fellow having a bit of lunch (foaled April 2009) has been named "Alliance" in honor of the great alliance of organizations that came together for this common cause.

And as promised, we have some more updates - PHOTOS!

If you have any questions about these Mustangs - be it how you can assist with donations of hay, grain, or training; or if you are interested in giving these animals a new start on life through adoption, please give us a call!


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