Change of Location for Fall Tack Sale!

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The MHARF Fall Tack Sale will now be held at the OLD ZIMMERMAN FIREHALL (13028 Fremont Avenue, Zimmerman, MN 55398). The dates remain the same (09/30-10/03).  Please help spread the word!

It’s a Boy!

We’re happy to announce that Cagney the donkey had her foal! Willie was born on 08/09/21.

Updated MHARF Archive Gallery

2021 marks MHARF’s 27th year in operation and we have been updating the MHARF Archive Gallery. We have added many new photos, including all of the previously published calendar pages, more rehabilitation success stories, testimonials, humane case photos and more. Check it out Here!

07/01/21: Update on Rooster

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Rooster has moved on to the next phase of his journey! He is now in training with Sarah Lemke of Step Up Horsemanship. Sarah is starting with slow and steady groundwork to continue with the progress Rooster has already made this spring in learning to trust and to be handled.

Update on Mini Molly

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Thank you to Tina P. and her family for providing Molly with a great new adoptive home with everything she needs for rehabilitation! Molly is still pretty frightened of new things and timid around people–so she needed a place where she would have a small turnout area (on a dry lot w/ soft footing), a mini buddy, a safe stall, and daily handling. (Thank you again to MN Federated Humane Societies and to Janette and Craig for their help as well!) You can read more about Molly here.

Update on Carter 05/10/21

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We were able to move Carter to the MHARF farm today! He has had all of his intake vet work done, including a dental (he had some extremely sharp, painful points) and being gelded. He also had his farrier work done and his feet look great (thank you Dr. Dave). Carter is a larger pony stallion (approximately 18 years old, 14hh) who came in on 04/26/21 from a Carlton County humane case. He was living in horrible conditions with no turnout whatsoever. We want to thank Investigator Oquist from the Animal Humane Society of MN for assistance in this case. We also want to thank everyone at Anoka Equine Veterinary Services for their care and for the “makeover” Carter received.

Update on Rooster 04/30/21

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A month after Rooster’s original intake we are happy to report that he is healing up very well! So far it looks like there will be no long-term issues with his sight. His attitude is great and he looks (and probably feels) like a new horse!

Update on Rooster 04/17/21

Rooster (who is now a gelding) was discharged from the hospital today! He is now at the MHARF farm where he will continue his rehabilitation. He is doing well, has a good attitude, and tries really hard when he needs to learn new things. He does still have quite a bit of facial swelling due to trauma and also has several missing and broken teeth. The fracture above his eye thankfully does not appear to need surgical repair at this time.

Update on Rooster 04/04/21

Update on Rooster: We’re happy to say that Rooster is improving. His spirits are good and he is learning to enjoy the attention (and he loves being scratched on the areas where he has no wounds). The ulcers in both eyes are being treated and he does appear to have retained sight in both eyes– so that is great news! Palpitation indicates he may have an orbital fracture (the orbit separates the eye from the cranial cavity) on one side that could require repair. The old wounds that were severely infected are being soaked in silver sulfadiazine to loosen the scabs. Rooster is a young pony stallion (approximately 5 years old) who was signed over to us earlier this week after being purchased at a livestock auction by a kind and conscientious person who saw he was in desperate need of the veterinary care he had been denied. We still don’t know exactly what happened to leave him in this condition–so we are unable to answer any of those questions as it would just be speculation at this point. We want to thank the veterinarians and staff at Anoka Equine Veterinary Services for their continuing care and concern for this boy, as well as Gayle and Cindy who helped get him to us, and to everyone who has donated towards his care. We could not do this work without your help and we are truly grateful for the support! If you would like to make a donation to help with Rooster’s care and recovery you can find several different options on our Donate Page. Thank you!

Sad Update on Newest MHARF Intake (March 2021)

We were contacted by several people who had seen this poor teenaged mare listed for sale in southern Minnesota. Some volunteers arranged to purchase and transport her. From the photo and description in the listing it looked like she needed some help, but it was in no way obvious what her true condition was until they arrived to pick her up. When she nearly went down during loading, we set up an emergency appointment at the vet clinic (thank you so much to the veterinarians at Anoka Equine for allowing us to bring her in on a Sunday). Radiographs showed severe arthritis in the large hock joint of both hind legs, possibly caused by septicemia as a foal or some other untreated infection. She was in extreme pain and after conferring with the veterinarians the decision was made to have her humanely euthanized. You can view a video of Sophie walking HERE.

Donations are always needed to help MHARF continue assisting horses like Sophie. Please visit our Donate Page to see the many options for making secure, tax-deductible contributions to this important work!


We regret to announce that MHARF will NOT be holding the annual Trainer’s Challenge in 2021. Upon review of the horses eligible for the program, we have decided that the majority are too young to benefit from a competitive training venue. We also have many older horses who have been started in the past and are therefore not eligible for the Trainer’s Challenge. We feel it would be in the best interest of these horses to send them into refresher training while keeping them eligible for immediate adoption. As many of you know, due to Covid-19 we were unable to hold the 2020 Trainer’s Challenge as the usual audience event and fundraiser. Because we don’t know yet what this year holds, we have made the difficult decision to suspend the event in 2021. Thank you!

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Our popular “Geld ‘Em” bumper stickers are back! 11.5″ x 3.75″ stickers are great for cars, trucks, trailers and more.

MHARF in Need of Foster and Adoptive Homes!

MHARF is always in need of Adoptive and Foster homes! The majority of horses in our program come to us from humane cases through law enforcement. We also get frequent requests to take in horses from owners who can no longer keep them for various reasons. Although we do our best to help, due to space constraints we simply cannot help them all.  We would love to find some new foster and adoptive homes! If you think you would like to help, please check out our Foster Home Information  and our Adoption Information. You can view all of the horses in our program Here!

Pearl Receives a Birthday Sponsor Visit!

Thank you so much to Ava and her family for raising funds for MHARF for Ava’s birthday! Over the weekend Ava donated $500 to MHARF that she had raised in lieu of gifts to sponsor our recent intake Pearl. Read more about Pearl’s story here.

Reporting Possible Humane Cases

Do you have questions about what to do if you suspect possible neglect or abuse of animals? You can find our recommendations for reporting humane cases in this article originally published in our Winter/Spring 2018 edition of the MHARF Newsletter.  Click Here to Read.

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Don’t be Afraid to Foster or Adopt an Older Horse!

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Thank you so much to Judy for this wonderful article about her experiences adopting and fostering some of the senior horses at MHARF!