Information Sought in Horse Abandonment Case

We are currently seeking information on the abandonment of this 4-5 year old mare in the Spencer Brook/Bradford area of Isanti County on approximately 07/22/22. We were called in by law enforcement and knew immediately the prognosis wasn’t good when we saw she could barely walk due to suspected laminitis. Radiographs done at Anoka Equine Veterinary Service (thanks again, AEVS, for the emergency care!) confirmed this, showing extreme rotation and degradation of the coffin bone due to laminitis. It was agreed that the kindest option was to humanely euthanize her and take her pain away. A reward is being offered for information leading to the arrest and conviction of persons responsible for the neglect and dumping of this mare. Call  (763)856-3119 or 763-331-5714.

Update on Ola the Circus Pony
Thank you to Erin and Aubrey for adopting Ola! Ola, who was part of a traveling circus touring Minnesota in May 2022, came in to MHARF as an owner surrender because he was in need of surgery for scirrhous cord (a bacterial infection and fibrosis of the spermatic cord remnant which can be a complication of castration surgery). There was no way for Ola to have the surgery and stall rest and recovery time he needed if he remained with the traveling circus. He had the surgery at Anoka Equine Veterinary Services where they removed a mass of infected tissue “the size of a Nerf football”. Ola required quite a bit of aftercare, including antibiotics, daily cold hosing, and hand-walking. By mid-July he was finally ready to be moved to a new home and was adopted into a wonderful family. We’re really pleased with Ola the Circus Pony’s “happy ending” and want to thank everyone for their support! We would also like to thank his owners for having his best interest in mind and making sure he received the care he needed. Thank you as well to Dr. Nancy Peterson for her assistance in helping Ola.
Update on Blue Maxine

Update on Blue Maxine! Maxine is doing well and has just been moved to a new foster home where she has more pasture. As you can see, she is looking and feeling much better than she did at intake time last fall. There are a number of people we want to thank for helping with Maxine’s recovery and rehabilitation, including Tara Perkins for giving her a heated barn over the winter and managing her safe weight gain, Abbie Schramm for managing her original intake care, and Deb Anderson for assisting with intake, being her “case leader” and providing her new foster home. We also want to thank Jodi Smith-Shepeck who has been sponsoring Maxine’s care for many months and going to the barn to groom her and give her lots of attention. Maxine has also been receiving massage therapy from Armstrong Equine Massage and chiropractic care from Interlaken Centre! Maxine, who is a TWH in her mid to late teens, is still in our rehabilitation program and is not yet available for adoption. She originally came to MHARF in September 2021 from a case in which we assisted Equine Allies, Inc., to place horses whose owner could no longer care for them and needed help.

Update on Rose from March Humane Case

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Someone is looking so much better! This is Rose (formerly Maya from a March 2022 Pine County humane case) in her adoptive home. Thank you to Margaret for getting this senior mare into such good condition. A job well done!

Sad Update on Archie from March 2022 Humane Case

We are saddened to say that we were unable to save Archie, the palomino gelding who was one of our most recent intakes. You can read Archie’s story here. Thank you so much to everyone who helped in this case, including the amazing vets, techs, and staff at Anoka Equine Veterinary Services, Investigator Oquist from the Animal Humane Society, and everyone who donated to help cover the costs of Archie’s care.  At least we know Archie knew kindness and warmth at the end.

Author Dedicates Portion of Book Proceeds to MHARF!
Thank you to author Lisa Brisse for dedicating a portion of the proceeds from sales of her new book to MHARF! Available on Kindle and in paperback from Amazon.
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Thank you so much to our supporters for helping us raise over $5500.00 during the #BettyWhiteChallenge, the global movement to honor the legacy of life-long animal welfare advocate Betty White on Monday, January 17th, 2022, the day that would have been her 100th birthday! The #BettyWhiteChallenge is all about raising money to help animals of all kinds. You can still make a donation to MHARF in Betty’s memory any time of the year. Thank you!

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Updated MHARF Archive Gallery

2022 marks MHARF’s 28th year in operation and we have been updating the MHARF Archive Gallery. We have added many new photos, including all of the previously published calendar pages, more rehabilitation success stories, testimonials, humane case photos and more. Check it out Here!

A Sad Update on Agnes

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Agnes lost her battle early Tuesday morning. She came from a place where life is cheap, where kindness is scorned as weakness. There are people who should be ashamed of the way this mare was treated, who should be held accountable for the misery they allowed her to endure. We don’t know who yet. What we do know is that she lived her last few days in clean bedding with food and water. She was stroked, patted, and spoken to kindly. She was SEEN–not looked through. Blood was drawn, tests were run, and a treatment plan was set in motion, but it was too late. The neglect had been too long and too severe, and she couldn’t be saved. She was three years old.

Thank you to Kym and Cindy for transport, to Candy W. for generously sponsoring this little mare’s treatment, and to everyone at Anoka Equine Veterinary Services who tried so hard to reverse effects of long-term neglect that, in the end, were irreversible.
MHARF in Need of Foster and Adoptive Homes!

MHARF is always in need of Adoptive and Foster homes! The majority of horses in our program come to us from humane cases through law enforcement. We also get frequent requests to take in horses from owners who can no longer keep them for various reasons. Although we do our best to help, due to space constraints we simply cannot help them all.  We would love to find some new foster and adoptive homes! If you think you would like to help, please check out our Foster Home Information  and our Adoption Information. You can view all of the horses in our program Here!