Anna Hill and Laylee

Licensed 3 Star Parelli Professional


Teaching private and group lessons, and one to four day workshops through out the Midwest! Contact me to learn more about my services, and the Parelli program!

May the horse be with you! – Pat Parelli

Anna Hill

Anna is a Licensed 3 Star Parelli Professional and has been teaching since 2011. She uses natural horsemanship principles to teach each horse and rider to have a solid foundation both on the ground and under-saddle prior to engaging in specific sports to best set up each horse and rider. Anna lives in Zimmerman, MN and has been working with the rescue since she was 13 years old (15 years!). She has a heart for rescues and is excited to partner with the MHARF again this year. This is Anna’s second time participating in the Challenge, coming in fourth last year with Kaitlyn Fedewa and Sugarfoot (who she then adopted afterwards).