Chloe Bounces Back

She was weak as a kitten with her back bone, withers, ribs and hip bones protruding from her skin. There was no flesh to spare and you could see the neck bones through her hide.

Chloe BeforeChloe After

They didn’t want her any more – didn’t know why she was so thin! Shame on them! Chloe is 20+ years of age and of Appaloosa/Thoroughbred breeding (she touts Secretariat blood lines). Her problems were quite simple. No one had looked at her teeth in a coons-age and deworming was nonexistent; she also had a severe uterine infection.

After routine veterinary work was performed including teeth floating, worming and antibiotics to clear up the infection Chloe (as seen by the after photo) has taken on a tremendous amount of weight along with a marvelous hair coat.

Chloe was adopted and is now serving her community as part of the Sherburne Mounted Patrol!

Hurray for Chloe!