Nora and Kaylea

When I found out what a horse was I fell in love. Every day I would ask my parents “When can I get a horse?” they would always reply “Sometime.”

nora&kayleaKaylea and Nora (June 15th 2005)Then one day I went to a conference and my teacher said “We’re getting my daughter a horse – do you want to board at our house.” We answered “Yes.” One night I was over at the Hill’s house and my dad came to pick me up and when I got in the house I went over to the couch and sat by my mom and my dad sat in our chair and they said “We’ve adopted Nora.” I didn’t believe them at first then the showed me the papers. I will never forget that day: 5/27/05.

We put her in training for a month and for the last three days my trainer Joe wanted me out there. On the second day (which was 7/2/05) she started to buck even though I grabbed her neck and swung off my parents felt safer if we kept her at Majestic Knights. Now I keep Nora out there with Ashley, Sam and Lexi.

Thanks to all the people who helped me get Nora, they are Drew, Wendy, the Hills, my trainer Joe and most importantly my parents.

– Kaylea