Hoolie the Mule

December 28, 2006

Dear Minnesota Hooved Animal Rescue,

hoolieA month ago, Drew told me she got a very interesting pony mule in that she named “Hoolie”. Her age was late teens to 20 years old. Drew thought she was a great mule.

I own a Handicapped riding facility named Majestic Hills Ranch. We give free rides to children that have all sorts of special needs. They range in ages from two to 18 years old. I heard about Hoolie and was really interested in her. I asked if I could adopt her for the children and then brought her home to let her get used to my ponies. She loved the ponies, but they weren’t quite sure about her. Now she gets along with the ponies great!

I asked one of my boarder’s kids to help me see if she has ever been ridden. Well, as you can see, she is great with the kids! I can’t wait until the spring when I can use her in my riding program. She loves the attention that everyone gives her, so she’s going to work out just great for the program.

Thank you so much Drew for letting me know about her. She is truly a great mule and a hoot to be around.

Jodi Townsend