Jess and Thunder Zone


I just wanted to send you an update on Thunder Zone, aka Thibidoux and now known as Tibby.

jess_and_thunderzoneTibby is doing great. I have felt so blessed by being allowed to own him. He is truly one of “my boys.” Every day he makes me laugh with his curiosity and insistence on being paid attention to. He has made fast friends with the 29 year-old (sometimes crabby) mare that he shares his pasture with. They are now hard to separate. It helps me to feel confident when I leave the farm that he has a more experienced partner to guide him through the ropes of pasture life. I have just spent a good portion of my summer building a fence to enclose a new section of pasture so they now have an additional couple of acres to graze and roam around in.

We have done some riding and every time that I go out on him he shows me how special he really is. He is so quiet and gentle, if he startles at something, he jumps and then he is done. If you tell him that something is okay, he calms right down. The first time I took him outside of the pasture to ride, I was a little nervous since I didn’t know what to expect from this ex-racehorse. He was great! He is a born trail horse. He is always looking forward to see what is around the next corner and loves to be out. He was so good that first time out my husband decided that he would get up on him. That was amazing since my husband has only been on a horse one time, when he was six years old! So I boosted him up and led him around like an oversized pony ride. Tibby was fantastic.

I fall more in love with him every day and I want you to know that he has definitely found his home for life. Thank you so much!!

Jessica Hovet