Hello everyone,

ottoIt has been quite a while since we adopted Otto from the Rescue in October and I wanted to take a minute to update everyone on the unofficial mascot of the Rescue. Otto is doing WONDERFUL at his new home. He is in the pasture with our other geldings and is doing great. He is not the high man on the totem pole, but he sure does try! He is now loping under saddle and is very sensitive to his rider. We still have not overcome the “Pine County pull”, but he LOVES baths (as long as there is only one person touching him). He has been clipped, bathed, trailered, and hauled all over to horse shows as an observer and mascot for the farm. Everyone loves him (including us of course!). Otto is often front and center for equine therapy sessions at True Balance for individuals with mental health disorders. It is not a riding program, so he does great with children and adults alike. His personality lends a great hand to the therapy process.

Thank you for this wonderful animal. He is very original and special.

Dr. Leslie Russell-Martin LMFT