Ali Bayzar and the Duchscherer Family

Just wanted to send an letter regarding Ali Bayzar (Ali B. as he is called now) He is now pretty well adjusted to his new home. I still wake up everymorning and can’t believe how lucky I am to have this special guy. I’m so thankful everyday the persistance and interest my mother took in this horse.

alibayzarI had an Arabian gelding growing up as a child and he was my everything. A very sad accident took him away from me and even though I shared other horses with my mother over the years I felt no horse could take the place of my Taz. I would ride my sisters and mother’s horses but it was hard to create a bond with a horse who you already knew had bonded with another. I remember the day my mom and I were looking at videos of Arabian horses on the internet and I just broke down and started crying. I needed to have my own we decided that day.

She said she thought she found one who needed me too. We drove to meet Ali and I was so nervous to meet him I barely slept the night before. When I finally saw him it was all I could do to refrain from throwing my arms around him and just holding him tight. I was shaking in my boots when I rode him for the first time but it was like he knew exactly what to do to ease my nervousness. We went to see a few other horses but my mom knew my mind was made up.

As we drove home to make our decision, I remember feeling sad leaving him behind and that he needed to be with me. We called to confirm we would be back to get him before we even got home. I read a story one time that said it is not us that rescues an animal but them who rescue us and bring us love and happiness beyond no other. I believe that because he has filled an empty hole in my heart that only my mother and Ali knew how to fill. Thank you so much for your rescue center.

Ali is cared for daily and (spoiled) at my mothers farm along with five other horses that are now his family too. When we go for walks together or I brush him sometimes he’ll turn and look me right in the eyes. At first I thought he was aggitated with me, but my mom says if you look closely its a look of happiness and content. He has his forever home now. In the spring when the cold weather subsides he will have some more training spent on him and together we will hit the trails. I couldn’t be more excited!! This photo is Ali with his new mom, dad, and step brothers (lol!) for our Christmas pictures.

Again thanks for providing care and rescue for horses like Ali B.
– Teresa D.