Daisy’s Update

In July of 2005, my family and I decided that we wanted to foster a pony from MHARF. I had one horse at home, but she was alone. I called Drew and she told me about a little pony named Riley that she would be glad to bring over. Riley was black and white and super cute. When Drew came later on that week, I saw two fuzzy brown ears sticking out of the trailer. I looked at Drew with my fourteen-year-old confused face and asked which pony she’d brought me. It turned out that Riley had just been adopted, so she had brought Daisy, a tri-colored tobiano, instead.



I was so excited! I had been helping out at MHARF a couple of weeks earlier and I had fallen in love with Daisy. She was such a little spitfire! She was even more of a little spitfire at my house! My big mare, Pip, had never seen a pony before, so at the sight of little Daisy, she took off to the far corner of the pasture. Daisy, who was so excited to be with another horse, took off after her! They ran around getting to know each other for awhile before they became best friends. They are now inseparable. These girls love each other with every fiber of their beings!

Not only is Daisy Pip’s best friend, but I love her to death as well. In the past five and a half years we have had so much fun together. I do Parelli with my horses and I have been having the time of my life teaching Daisy the Parelli Seven Games, and progressing into the 4th Level On Line. This past winter I taught Daisy to drive and plan to continue that further. Daisy is still a little spitfire and is always willing to give me her opinion! We never planned on keeping Daisy, we just planned on keeping her until somebody else adopted her. Well, that turned out to be us! I think it took us three hours to decide that we had to have this pony forever. She is an amazing little thing that will never be without a family again. Play on!

– Anna Hill