Update on Iquitos

iquitos01A quick update on Iquitos (aka Quito). He is officially the goofiest horse I have ever met! I am so lucky to have a horse like him and owe it all to MHARF!!

He has been such a quick and willing learner. He lunges like a pro and is always aiming to please. He is no doubt a barn favorite! He is known affectionately for his vocal-ness and dunking his hay and feed right into his water…very messy! He has been learning some dressage and picks up on it very quickly, along with just starting ground poles – he is a little hesitant going over several at a time, but he has been very brave!

He loves attention and is one of the most gentle horses I have ever met. I was also able to trace is bloodlines and find the breeding barn he was born at in Argentina – very cool! Along with that, I found his race records and earnings. He is my dream come true, and worth the 21 years it has taken me to finally get a horse! He is perfect and has made me so happy – my true love!


Thanks so much to Drew for making my dream a reality!

Another update 3-17-11: I’ve had Quito now for exactly two years! He has been a joy every minute and is certainly the funniest horse I have ever met. He is a barn favorite and everyone knows where he is at all times because of his boisterous eating and dunking habits. He’s addicted to rolling, especially after baths and has the greatest personality!iquitos02

He and I entered our first show last summer in Wisconsin and he did wonderfully. He had never really been away from the barn and while we were there he didn’t spook once. What more could a girl ask for?! I I still remember the day I came and picked him, spending 4 hours trying to get him in a trailer – now he hops right in! (Well, most of the time). He and I have come such a long way and I am eternally grateful for everyone at MNHARF !

– Emily