Update on Mouse (aka Pine County #12)

I adopted my gelding Mouse from MHARF in July of 2004. From what I remember, Mouse was Pine County #12 under the “Pine County 45” seizure of November 17, 2002. Mouse and I are still going strong and he has been, and always will be, a truly wonderful addition to our family!

mouse mouse01

We have done some WSCA game shows (though not his true calling), some parades, helped with parking on horseback at the Hamel Rodeo (even rode in the grand entry), tried some cattle sorting, have gone on tons of trail rides, both alone and in any size group (we have even done some judged trail rides), and we love horse camping.

Both of my daughters have ridden him as well. He goes everywhere I point him, and while it may have taken him a bit to get going at the start, you sure cannot keep him from loving every part of life now.

– Alicia Jones and Mouse