Country Summer Breeze Update

I had loved horses ever since I had visited my friend at her county fair and watched her ride her horse in various events. It was from that day forward that I was convinced that I must have a horse.

breeze01Three years later, in the middle of April, I confronted my mom and told her I was going to buy myself a horse. To my surprise, she said yes and my search began. We had decided to go to the Horse Expo as it was to be one of the greatest places an aspiring horse owner could possibly go. Me and my mom decided to sit in on a demonstration about “The Unwanted Horse.” It was in that demonstration that we first heard about MHARF.

As soon as the presentation was over, we high tailed it over to the MHARF booth to get some more info. Once at the booth, we were able to get some more information about how adoption worked as well as meet Drew and find out how to see some of the horses available for adoption. Once we got home, I quickly hopped on the Internet and began searching for my future horse. It wasn’t but a few scrolls down when a horse named Country Summer Breeze caught my eye. I instantly fell in love with her picture and asked my mom if she would be willing to go out and take a look at her.

After what seemed like years waiting to go meet “Breezy,” we finally arrived at 3S ranch where Breezy was currently living. I hastily got out of the car and practically ran to meet Chris Vinson. Once Chris had brought Breezy into the round pen, I was shocked. I had never seen a horse with such an attidude! As me and my mom watched in awe, my mom whispered in my ear, “ya sure ya still wanna ride that?” Of course, my heart sank, as I thought that this beautiful horse may not be for me.

After 20 minutes of lunging, my assumptions seemed to be proved wrong as the crazy mare I had seen earlier had suddenly changed into a sweet and calm horse. I eagerly put my helmet on and jumped into the saddle. It was a perfect match! Its been 7 months since I have owned Breezy. It has been quite a learning experience for both me and Breezy. Not only has she given me confidence as a rider, but has also taught me patience.breeze02

We went from a horse that did not know how to trust people, and in return had quite an attitude, to a horse that comes when you call her name and is eager to please. Breezy has been a joy to have and has become my best friend!

Thank you MHARF for such a great horse!

– Alex