Panzer Hits the Trail

panzerandjhI wanted to let you know that Panzer is doing wonderfully. We had a bit of a rough start, but everything is great now. He’s gained well over 200 lbs. and now sticks at 17.2 hands. He is honestly the most level headed horse at our farm.

Panzer loves going on trail rides, although he’s still figuring out how to navigate down large hills. The first time we went out on the trail, he even crossed a little wooden bridge without hesitating. Also, it has been a bit of a struggle, but he has learned about bending and proper headset.

Our farrier is still surprised that he’s an OTTB, since Panzer is so incredibly calm. Anyway, I still feel incredibly blessed to have Panzer and I think that he is wonderful. On a side note, Panzer jumped his first jump this evening (it was small but he willingly did it). He’s so smart!

Joanne Havican