Crouching Tantrum (update: Tante has been adopted!)

Graduate of the 2014 Trainers Challenge
“Tante” is a 2010 14hh Saddlebred pony cross mare who originally came to MHARF during a 2010 humane case with her mother Mia. Tante successfully competed in the 2014 Trainers’ Challenge. She spent many months with her trainer Francis Nelson after the Challenge. She is currently in training with Tara Perkins at Perquestrian Acres. We wouldn’t quite call her a well broke kid’s horse at this time–but she is well on her way! This is what Francis had to say about her: “Tante is a timid mare with a heart of gold. If she trusts you she will pretty much do anything asked of her. She willingly picks up all her gaits, leg yields, two tracks, has a lovely traverse, turns on the haunches, turns on the forehand, side passes ect. She is good to bathe,clip, and for farrier,vet and loading. She is used to kids running all around her, bikes, dirt bikes, dogs, cats,chickens,pigs and gun noises. I started her over jumps in English tack, and she does basic reining maneuvers. She navigates trail obstacles with ease and has wonderful ground manners. This past summer she took care of my 7 year old daughter. She is very quick, and could use a soft experienced rider, but with the right person she could go a long way. She can be very hormonal around geldings, and slightly herd bound, but settles down nicely. She loves attention and to be cozy in a stall at night, but happy to be out too.”