Piper and Wren

Greetings to all our MHARF friends, family and trainers! It’s already been a long journey, but it has just begun! Remember that little brat who always tried to get in your pockets and would nearly maul you for treats? Well her name is Piper and she no longer tackles you to rip apart your jacket for a treat. Piper was born in 2009, she is 1/2 Percheron, 1/4 Clydesdale and 1/4 Thoroughbred. Don’t let her breed fool you, she is just under 15.2hh. I rescued Piper in December 2015, from the minute that I walked up to her pen to meet her, I knew she was the one. I’ve had a love and passion for horses all my life, from riding to leasing, I knew that someday I would own that special horse that I would call mine. I had started to look for a horse in November and came across Piper, I had always wanted a rescue but wasn’t planning on one for my first horse. I called up her foster home, Wrisky Ranch, and set up an appointment to go and see Piper. Of course the day before I went to go meet her, she had broke out of her stall and ate 2/3 of a bag of senior feed! I forgot to tell you, Piper is a food motivated girl! Thank goodness Rochelle had a vet out to get some drugs into Piper and she was just fine! I had gone out to see Piper a few more times before making my final decision on adopting her! I brought her home December 12th and was so excited to start our journey together. For the first few weeks things didn’t go as planned, my sweet mare wasn’t so sweet after all and decided that she was going to start a habit of rearing. For a while, I couldn’t even get her to walk with her halter and lead rope without rearing. We had gotten some help from Rochelle and a few friends to come out and give advice and monitor Miss Piper’s behavior. Within just 2 weeks, Piper was back to her normal self and she had learned that she needed to respect me, yet trust me at the same time. One of our biggest problems was her being pushy and like I said earlier, she always wanted treats out of your pockets. From then on I had set many ground rules for Piper and she was not allowed to come after me for a treat, she had to earn it. The weeks went on, I pretty much had started with her from square one because we weren’t sure what training she had had. Piper is a very fast learning and caught on to things quick! By March, I started doing light rides with Piper, asking her just to focus and concentrate on what she was being asked. Within no time, April rolled around and Piper was cantering under saddle with a nice collection. We would free lunge a few times a week to keep Piper’s mind busy, helping to build our relationship and trust! One of Piper’s favorite things to do is jump, not just tiny x’s, 2′ jumps are cleared with ease. I could go on forever, but I’ll stop here! We are looking forward to a few schooling shows during this summer! My goal for Piper is to finish her and compete in the Hunter ring! Our journey has just begun and we have already overcome great barriers! Please like and follow this page to stay updated on Piper! We will see you in the ring!