Turtle (Turtle has been Adopted!)

Turtle has been Adopted!

Turtle is a young bay overo paint gelding who was foaled on 11/5/16. His dam Dixie came to MHARF during a September 2016 Stearns County humane case.  Many of our followers sent us the idea to name him “Turtle” because of the very distinct turtle shape on his side. Turtle was adopted but his adopter could sadly not keep him. He was returned to MHARF and was entered into our 2018 Promise of the Future

In-Hand Training Competition for Young Horses at the Leatherdale Equine Center on the U of M St. Paul campus with trainer Liz Sigsworth.  Liz and Turtle competed successfully in the POF on 09/22/18 and won the Reserve Championship!

Turtle has now been placed with trainer Nate Stener for our 2020 Trainer’s Challenge. He will spend the spring and summer in training with Nate and will compete in the event in September. He will then be available for adoption. To find out how you can apply to adopt Turtle at the event Click Here.

You can follow Turtle and Nate’s progress on Turtle’s Facebook Page!