Bug: From Orphan Foal to Cherished Family Member!

bug-and-ella-2We were told about the MHARF organization from a local barn that fostered horses for MHARF.  My daughter was looking for a horse that she could grow and learn with after leasing different horses for lessons.  We learned about the MHARF organization and all the wonderful things they do for abandoned and abused horses. Our trainer at the time told us about a Spanish Mustang named Bug that was going to be in the trainers challenge that may be a good fit for my daughter.  We got the opportunity to meet with the trainer and Bug over the course of a couple months to see if the horse would be a good fit.  The trainer gave my daughter opportunities to ride Bug and gave us information about her.  We found they were a good match for each other and pursued adopting her at the trainers challenge.  At the trainers challenge we were lucky enough to be the high bidder on Bug and to call her our own. My daughter cried tears of joy that day when she heard Bug would be going home with her.   My daughter says, “Without Bug I wouldn’t have the opportunities I have had, and we both wouldn’t be where we are today without each other.”  MHARF is a wonderful organization that does so much.  Not only for the horses but the trainers.  The trainers challenge gives the trainers an opportunity to work with these beautiful horses and gives the horses the opportunity to showcase their talents and show how much they are capable of.  With a little love, good care, training, and proper nutrition these horses get a second chance at life. Without MHARF my daughter would of never met Bug and she wouldn’t be the person she is today.  Bug and my daughter continue to bond and grow as a horse and rider team and this all started because of MHARF fostering Bug.  We will be forever grateful for all that MHARF has done for us and for what it continues to do.  Thank you!