ISPMB Mustangs

These 6 young mustangs came in recently from a South Dakota humane case where they were seized from the International Society for the Protection of Mustangs and Burros (read about the ISPMB case here ). They range in age from approximately 6 months (orphaned sorrel colt) to approximately 18 months (gray colt). They are currently in a foster/quarantine facility and are learning to trust people. We have not been able to handle them yet. So far we know the gray, the sorrel, and the black with star are colts. The gender of the 2 bays and the brown is still undetermined. These 6 will be made available for adoption once they have had all necessary vet and farrier work completed. In the mean time, we would really love to have donations of high quality alfalfa grass mix hay in small squares to assist with hand feeding to gain their trust!

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