Padre (Padre has been Adopted!)

Padre is a gray White Sands mustang who came to MHARF in December 2016 from a large South Dakota humane case (seized from the International Society for the Protection of Mustangs and Burros, transferred to MHARF from Fleet Of Angels. Click Here to read more about this case). He was foaled in approximately 2014 and was a stud at intake but was gelded shortly after. Having no previous handling, Padre did have some trust issues when he came in but was friendly and curious. He spent the summer of 2017 in training with Bob Johnson for our Promise of the Future training competition (you can see Padre and Bob’s work over the summer of 2017 Here!)  He was placed in our 2018 Trainer’s Challenge with trainers Kiley and Jeremy Anderson and was started under saddle. However, in early September 2018 Padre suffered a soft tissue injury and was placed on 8 to 12 weeks of stall rest so he was unable to compete. Padre has now been fully recovered for over a year and is showing no ongoing issues. He is currently back in training with Marirose Berner of MJB Horse Training. Though he is quiet, we would still consider Padre green-broke at this time just because he has not been under saddle very long. He has a sweet temperament and  is very low in a herd pecking order so he needs a home where he will not be bullied by other horses or have to compete for food. Unlike most mustangs, he is not an “easy keeper” and does require supplemental feed to keep his weight up. He would love to finally find his own person!