Piper: Love and Patience Pay Off!

Here is an update on Piper we received from her adopter, Wren. We want to say thank you to Wren for sticking with this very nice mare through the first more difficult months! We can never stress enough that horses, whether they are adopted or purchased, are all living, feeling beings with minds of their own. Most of them come with baggage from the past that they can’t tell us about. Responsible owners are those that are willing to give them the time they need to settle in, learn to trust, and learn just exactly what it is we want from them. If we are willing to give them this time and patience (and yes, it can often mean working with a trainer!) then they reward us by becoming our willing partners. Well done, Wren!

“One year ago I started a long eventful journey with my first horse. Piper has been a wonderful project who has taught me and continues to teach me more and more everyday we work together. Our journey started off quite rough. For the first two months I was terrified to ride her, let alone go and work with her as something usually went wrong. We had issues from rearing up to bucking under saddle due to her lack of wanting to work. She was unhealthy and out of shape, making exercise unappealing. Piper struggled with many trust issues as well as anxiety over lack of food stemming from when she was starved as a yearling. Piper’s favorite thing to do is jump, don’t let her size fool you, she clears 2’9 with ease. We enjoy jumping together and plan to go to attend a few schooling shows this upcoming summer. She has gained a huge amount of trust and respect for me over this past year. It amazes me how much of a different horse she is, she loves to work and enjoys giving kisses for peppermints. This past year has gone by quickly and I couldn’t have asked for a better horse!” –Wren