Faith (Adopted)

Faith is 15.2hh a palomino stock-type mare (foaled in approximately 2006) who originally came to MHARF from a December 2017 humane case. At intake time she had a weanling aged filly (Xena) at her side and was pregnant again. In spring of 2018 she gave birth to a premature colt who unfortunately did not survive despite receiving immediate emergency veterinary care. Faith was given several months to recover before being assessed as broke to ride and suitable for an intermediate rider and up. She was then adopted for the first time but returned because her adopter could no longer keep her. In spring of 2022, she had refresher training with Jenna S Horse Training and was adopted for the second time but was returned because she bucked under saddle on two occasions and was not getting along with her companion horse. When assessed by a trainer this past summer, she did very well at walk and trot, but did crow hop at the canter under saddle. We are currently assessing her for pain or saddle fit issues that may be causing this.  Hopefully we can solve this problem and make her available for adoption as a riding horse. She would be suitable for a confident intermediate and up rider who is looking for a trail or western pleasure horse (no gaming, jumping or higher impact sports). Faith has thin soles and should have front shoes or boots for trail riding due. Faith does tend to be the boss in a herd.

Update 02/09/24: We have moved Faith back into our rehabilitation program for now as we work with her veterinarian at AEVS to address intermittent soreness issues. She is currently receiving adequan injections and has shown much improvement. Thank you so much to Wendy at Essence of Equus for working with Faith and helping us determine the best path forward for her!


Video of Faith Under Saddle August 2023