Della (Candidate for 2020 Trainer’s Challenge)

Della is a 2008 chestnut Arabian mare who came in from a December 2017 case. She was in foal at intake and gave birth to a chestnut colt on April 29th, 2018. The colt (who has been named Jiminy Cricket) was premature and showed failure to thrive and both mare and foal were admitted to Anoka Equine Veterinary Services so he could receive i.v. fluids and plasma. Bloodwork showed infection so he was also started on antibiotics. Within 48 hours Jiminy Cricket was doing well enough to be released. He did need to stay on stall rest for 30 days–but he is now a feisty and energetic colt and has been weaned.

Della is now available for adoption but only to a very experienced, knowledgeable home. Della has had some ongoing trust issues due to very poor handling in her past. Thank you to trainer Tara Perkins of Perquestrian Acres for her consistent and caring work on getting Della over these issues! Della is a potential candidate for our 2020 Trainer’s Challenge.