DJ (DJ has been Adopted!)

Update 12/29/18: DJ has been Adopted!

DJ is a dun grade Arabian gelding who was foaled in early 2017. He came to MHARF in a December 2017 humane case. He was found to have a vitamin e an selenium deficiency, was treated and is doing very well. He was relatively unhandled at intake but he is went into training for our 2018 Promise of the Future Training Competition with the Wrisky Ranch Team (Renee and Theadora Hendrickson and Brandy and Jaycie Navarro). He competed successfully at the event on September 22nd. and took 5th Overall High Point. DJ did cut his leg in a trailer accident on the way to the event but Dr. Marta from Anoka Equine was there to stitch him up and he was able to compete with no problem. DJ’s sutures have now been removed and he has healed up just fine! You can follow DJ’s training on his Facebook Page!