“She is the best companion I could have asked for!”

I just wanted to share some updates on Lilo (formerly Lucy) whom I adopted last August! Lilo is doing great at our barn and recently celebrated her first birthday! She has been turned out during the day with a small herd of mares and is an absolute riot. Being an orphan, she is a bit naïve to horse culture, so she doesn’t always understand the other horse’s body language, but they have all figured out that she is an odd one and let her have her way. I have been doing a lot of ground work with her and have her lunging a bit too. She loves to run around with me and play, and even does well in some liberty work! Whenever I beckon to her or approach her gate, she runs up and wants to follow me out. Sometimes I walk in and get to sit next to her too as she naps in the sun. I have received great complements on her behavior from the chiropractor who adjusted her last December who also called her my dog (which I think is true, she is a big dog) and the farrier complemented her behavior and said that she has great leg and hoof structure. Other boarders always joke that they want to steal her because she is so sweet, and I agree, she is such a sweetheart. She loves hugs and gives kisses to me all the time. Although it is a lot of work raising a young horse, I am so glad that I jumped on the opportunity to adopt Lilo. She is the best companion that I could have asked for and our temperaments match perfectly. I cannot wait to see what she grows up to be like as we grow together! Thank you for pairing me with such a great filly!