“Penny Mae and Perlita are doing wonderfully!”

Thank you to Vicky for this update on her two adopted donkeys! These two were originally from a June 2017 Pine County humane case.

“Penny Mae (May) and Perlita (Apple Brown Betty) are doing wonderfully! (Though not so thrilled with all this rain we are getting!) They have been making progress and are getting more and more comfortable and affectionate. Penny still hesitates to come inside the barn, even for treats, but they have run in shelters outside as well so for now I haven’t pressed the issue. When it’s time for the farrier or vet visits, she will begrudgingly cooperate and oblige us! Perlita is definitely the bossier of the two and the first to remind me when she thinks she’s due for a treat, though Penny has been getting more vocal as well. I love their pleading hee-haws when they know it’s time for “grain” (enriched timothy hay pellets). I just love these girls! Their hooves are looking great and they both are standing normally now. No signs of laminitis. Whew! We added four sheep who were in need of a home this last spring and the adjustment is going well (though Perlita chased them after they got sheared- thinking they were intruders I imagine!). Sometimes she will stand in their stall in the barn. Not sure what she’s thinking…. “–Vicky