Kelso the Wonder Pony

Thank you so much to Erin for this update on her adopted MHARF horse Kelso! Congratulations to Erin and Kelso for all of their accomplishments. We LOVE to see these updates.

“Hello! I just wanted to send forward an update on Kelso, who I adopted 9.5 years ago! I am so thankful you rescued him and he got paired with me!

Kelso came into my life nine and a half years ago, and I have him to thank for everything. We were a couple of kids who knew nothing other than that we loved to have fun and run around playing in fields. Fast forward to now and Kelso has not only earned me my Level Four in Parelli Natural Horsemanship, but also my USDF Bronze and Silver Medal, and he became my best friend along the way! People cannot believe he is a rescue horse and I cannot believe he is mine. There are so many great things to say about this little Wonder Pony, but for the sake of brevity, I must say thank you to him for being everything good in my life. Also, Thank you Drew and everyone at MHARF who changed Kelso’s and my life for the better!

We are so thankful for what you did for us and for every horse you rescue!
Erin and Wonder Pony, Kelso”