A Happy Ending for Faith!

Thank you to Michelle and Margaret for these pics of Faith in her new home! Faith has had quite a year. She originally came to us with a large group of horses in late 2017. She was pregnant at intake. She spent the winter and early spring at Lanoux Stables being pampered by the boarders and students there. In May she gave birth to a premature colt and they were rushed to Stillwater Equine. Unfortunately, the colt had come way too early and despite the amazing efforts and care by the doctors and staff at Stillwater Equine, could not be saved. Faith returned to her foster home and after having enough time to recover sufficiently physically and mentally from foaling, she was assessed as a riding horse by Jamie Moeller and her students and was deemed ready for adoption. Anna Hill spotted her and decided she would be perfect for Margaret, one of her students, and that led to adoption and a happy ending for this beautiful palomino mare. Michelle says Faith and Margaret are “soulmates”!