Goldie (Goldie has been Adopted!)

Update: Goldie has been Adopted!

Goldie is a very nice pony mare who was foaled in approximately 2000 and stands approximately 11.2hh. She originally came to MHARF from a humane case many years ago and was adopted but has now been returned to find a new home. She has had excellent care and handling. She has been used for many pony rides and pony “photo shoots” and is very used to kids and commotion. She is excellent with children and is very quiet, gentle and sweet. Goldie has not been ridden independently a lot (without someone leading her), nor has she ever been bitted. But she is so gentle and tractable and willing to please that it shouldn’t take much time at all to get her riding independently. She is definitely worth the effort! Some other things to note about Goldie: she is not used to being turned out with large horses and is quite timid of the ones on the other side of her paddock fence. And, as we recommend for all ponies and minis, she shouldn’t be out on lush pasture in the spring and summer. Ponies and minis are much more susceptible to laminitis than other breeds and their access to grass should be limited.